The Start of Something New

Photo by Lucia Garay

Lucia Garay, Page Editor

On Oct. 29, the most physical high school sport began itss 2018-2019 season. Wrestling started with a startling 45 athletes, five girls, and 40 boys. With a new group of freshman athletes, dedicated returners, and a completely different league, both coaches and athletes are looking forward to the season.

Freshman Tim Vestnys will be joining the team this season.

“It was probably my favorite sport in junior high,” said Vestnys. “I’m nervous about not doing as good as I can and not giving it all out on the mat …I’m expecting to be [pushed] really hard by some of the seniors because I know them and they really like to push their team to do the best they can,” said Vestnys, who is acquainted with many of the returners.

Senior and co-team captain Justin Naugle, who has participated in wrestling throughout high school and won Most Valuable Player last season, is looking forward to helping beginners like Vestnys.

As a team leader, Naugle recognizes the importance of helping out underclassmen both to improve their skills and keep them from dropping from the sport.

“I’m [excited] just so see how good we can be because the past couple of years the team has been smaller and losing kids throughout the season,” said Naugle. “I think we’ll actually stick with it this year and I think we’ll do really well. There’s a bunch of young freshmen that I want to help do well. I’ll be more of a leader this year,” said Naugle.

Like many sports, the wrestling team faces a new set of teams in pursuit of the league championship title.

“I’m excited. I like [the league] because it’s easier for us. There are not as many big teams,” said Naugle.

Head Coach Louis Chavez agrees.

“We have a chance to win our first ever league title,” said Chavez. “The juniors and seniors were part of a team that lost to Petaluma High by one point for the league title. Most are still on the team and they’ve made it their main goal to beat Petaluma for the league title.”

“Out of fourteen weight classes for boys, I have high hopes for at least twelve wrestlers to advance to sections. This would be the most ever for Casa,” said Chavez. “As for the girls I expect at least two to go to state and hopes of one taking first. ”

Coach Chavez invites all athletes to try out the sport, even if they are hesitant.

“Once they try it they will love it,” said Chavez. “Some say they don’t want to wear a singlet but fortunately we now have an MMA style uniform that is a new option, shorts, and compression shirt. Wrestling isn’t just a sport it’s a family.”

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