Cross Country Success

Photo by Elizabeth Baird

Taya Llapitan, Page Editor

Through all of the challenging practices and races, Cross Country has been holding onto a winning streak. From the beginning of the season, Cross Country has won every one of their races, staying undefeated. Since the team has been succeeding in their races, it has brought motivation for not only the team but for future runners. From all of the triumph, Head Coach Carl Triola and Assistant Coach Jamie Pugh have been stepping up the pressure during practices for the team, to strengthen them physically and mentally. Varsity runner and Sophomore Abby Vestnys mentioned a few improvements that the team has made altogether.

“The [boys team] specifically [is] a lot faster, which means our workouts are harder. So I feel like we have all just improved on our speed,” said Vestnys.

Cross country gives many opportunities to runners and keeps individuals in shape. Challenges, bring strength to the mind and body. Varsity runner and Sophomore Owen Hite shares his point of view on the overall changes with the intensity in practice

“Our coaches have stepped up the pressure in practices and we are getting a lot better,” Hite said.

Rolling into this new school year, the school’s sports have switched over to a new league. Coach Pugh is glad to have Petaluma High School’s cross country teams back in the same league now that both schools are once again sharing a league.

“Beating your hometown rival in league competition is a good motivator,” Pugh explained. The team this year is very dedicated and proves it by the effort they put in. Leaving the team number one in the league.