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Voice: Leah and Maya Bjostad

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April 10, 2019


My favorite part of being a twin is always being there for each other and always having someone by your side. She’s also my best friend. I don’t really have a least favorite thing about being a twin because I love being a twin. I know Leah doesn’t like sharing clothes, but I think it is so fun to share stuff. Leah is older by six minutes. Sometimes if we are in an argument she will use the fact that she is older against me. We love telling each other everything and sharing everything. She’s always there for me and helps me with anything. I know she will always be there for me and I can always trust her no matter what. We have the same friends and we are always together. I love having all of my classes with Leah. We always help each other with homework and it makes it easier when we are learning the exact same subject. I also love having Leah in class with me because we talk and she is always my partner for a group project which is really fun. We get along really well in classes together and it makes it more fun and really helpful. Leah and I have almost the exact same personality and we always think the same thing we also love summer things like volleyball, animals, and family. The most different thing about us would be our appearances. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, while Leah has brown hair, brown eyes. We also have different skin tones. We don’t fight a lot, but when we do, it’s over little things. Or sometimes we might have a different opinion about something. We really want to go to the same college. We would both love it and think it would be really fun and make our college experience more memorable. We mostly share the same interests. We both play volleyball and we played together. We also love all animals and always want to help others. We like some of the same school subjects like English, but we always help each other with the other classes. We also love spending time with our family and pets. We are both kind, helpful, caring people and we love making each other laugh. Some differences are that I think I am funnier than her, but we always make each other laugh. I also think I have more patience than her because she gets frustrated quicker sometimes. We are always competing against each other. We always try to get a better score on a test and are always trying to do better at volleyball than the other person. I think we are both equally smart because Leah is better at certain subjects in school and she will always help me, but the subjects that Leah doesn’t understand, I do, so we both help each other.

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My favorite thing about being a twin is always knowing that I have my sister at my side. I always have someone to talk to and someone to listen to. I also have a built-in best friend and she helps me get through the tough and stressful times in my life. I know that she will always forgive me and help me out in school. My least favorite thing about being a twin is sharing clothes. Now, this sounds silly, but it can become really annoying sharing things with someone else. Another downfall is sharing my birthday. I’ve never liked sharing our birthday because we can never agree on what we want to do. I am older. Now I like to brag and say I am older, but I am really only six minutes older than Maya. I like to think I am more mature than Maya. We do have other friends, but since we are always together and we are related, we’re just super close. I also really enjoy having all my classes with Maya. On the first day of high school, we really weren’t nervous at all since we had each other. That is definitely a great benefit. It is also nice having the same classes because we get to help each other with homework, studying for quizzes, exams, and finals together. We help each other in class as well as after school. We didn’t request to have all our classes together, just a few classes that we thought would be the most difficult so that we could help each other. The most different thing about us is our appearance. I have tan skin, brown hair, and brown eyes while Maya has the complete opposite look: light skin, blue eyes, and blond hair. Maya and I mostly fight about who is right or wrong in different scenarios. We occasionally get really mad at each other, but for the most part, we just get into silly arguments. Maya and I have a lot of common interests. We love playing volleyball, spending time with family, and going to Disneyland. Both Maya and I plan to go to the same college. We share some similarities with our personalities are such cause we are both kinds helpful trustworthy and funny. I do think though that Maya is way funnier than I am. However, I am louder, more outgoing, more helpful, and less lazy. We are always competing on who plays volleyball better, who has better grades, who scored higher on a test, or who is smarter. I believe I am smarter in certain things; I’m smarter in math and science, but I think Maya is smarter in English. I think I am more athletic. Also, I enjoy fitness more than Maya. We both enjoyed running, but I am faster at short distance running and Maya is better at long-distance running.

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