High School Youtubers: What is the Toll?


Photo by Sean Donlan

Sean Donlan, reporter

Jacob Prior is a sophomore here at Casa Grande. He is a pretty average sophomore. After he finishes his homework and depending on the time of year school sports, he turns on his playstation. He plays a variety of games from NBA 2k16, to Fortnite, to an occasional game of Watch Dogs 2.  Jacob Prior was a normal sophomore, until he decided to start recording his gameplay, and post it on Youtube. Now he is known on youtube as “Exocity”.

“I started off on 2k16 just making little videos here and there. They didn’t get basically any views but it was fun for me to do.” said Prior.

Jacob soon moved from NBA 2k16 highlights, and franchise mode gameplay to live streaming.”

“With streaming, one day someone told me to stream so I did. I got a good amount of views so i kept doing it.” said Prior. Jacob’s streaming and video editing while being a source of enjoyment, did end up affecting his grades negatively.

“My grades have gone down, but my social life has actually gone up since doing youtube, because it connects me with other people.” said Prior.

Jacob’s connecting with others has included him creating his own community discord channel, and joining a gaming organization. Jacob explained how his community has affected him. 

“They have affected me in a very positive way. I literally love all of my fans, and when I stream the thing I like the most about it is interacting with them. I feel they have made my quality of life better”, said Prior.

His community and connections made through his primarily fortnite oriented gameplay has earned him a place in a new gaming organization called Cynic. Jacob acts as a content creator. In this role he records with the team and posts the videos in hope of drawing more support for their team. Jacob’s job with the team and streaming allows him to earn money through Youtube. In regards to a career in YouTube, he spoke about his thoughts. 

“I’m not completely sure yet. Obviously it would be really cool to be able to wake up in the morning and do my number one hobby for a career, but i’m also interested in welding so i’m not completely sure.” Though Jacob is not sure about what he wants to do yet, every day he posts a video of himself or his team, he is building tools and experience in online media. This experience could grow into a career for Jacob, but for right now he just wants to keep doing what he loves to do”, said Prior.