Comfort Food

Della Fattoria: Where community is the priority and no customer is just a number.


Kayla Alcorcha and Annabelle Stuelpe

Della Fattoria is a charming café, bakery, and restaurant located in downtown Petaluma. Since its opening, the business has been successful enough to warrant expansion: what used to be a quaint bakery nestled between other establishments has become a beloved tourist destination taking up three buildings. One must only step inside Della Fattoria to glean the unique, friendly atmosphere that has garnered a plethora of positive reviews; the blush-colored walls and rustic decor create a warm feeling within its customers ⁠— as does the attentive attitude of the employees and the community-oriented nature of the business itself. The business is a destination of bread and a haven for conversation and coming together. 

Kathleen Weber spent years shaping Della Fattoria into the establishment it is today: she began simply selling loaves of bread at local farmers markets, and the praise she received pushed her to expand her business and her career as a baker by extension. 

    Weber explains the inherently intimate process of baking, as well as the manner in which Della Fattoria attempts to best cater to its local buyers.

There’s something very satisfying about handing the bread that you’ve made to the person who’s going to eat it. It becomes very personal.”

— Kathleen Weber

[Della Fattoria] has always been a very personal business,” said Weber. “We think about what people are eating… we think about the seasons, the times
are they bad, or are they good? Do people need comfort right now? [Customers are] not just a number they are important to us.”

Additionally, the interior of Della Fattoria was designed by Weber’s husband, Ed, and her daughter Elisa Weber. Bits of the decorum within the restaurant, such as the chandeliers in the café, come from an old family apartment in Richmond. The decor has an eclectic and charming feel which welcomes guests as if they are stepping into their own home.

     Community is important to everyone at Della Fattoria, especially Weber herself. She recounts her days of hosting parties within her own home: dozens of people gathered around her wood stove; these guests were brought together because of her baking. Naturally, the idea that food can unite communities is a crucial, foundational element of Della Fattoria.

 “We [opened Della Fattoria] to continue having a wonderful time, as well as a connection with our community. We are deeply seeded in this community, so being able to be a gathering place is a real dream come true,” said Weber.

    Every day, the employees of Della Fattoria get up-close glimpses of downtown Petaluma. Jared Stokely, a server at Della Fattoria, has seen a lot of Petaluma’s community through the windows of the café. 

    “There’s a lot of downtown-specific events that happen, and people come in and check out Della Fattoria. [For example,] there’s a trick-or-treating event that goes on down here [on Halloween]; we partake in that. We do a lot of donations, [usually] bread donations,” said Stokely.  

       The glass doors of Della Fattoria are often being held ajar by eager customers; lines commonly spill out onto the street. As the faint aroma of baked goods wafts through the air, the warm nature of Della Fattoria descends upon its patrons with the restaurant echoing the inclusive atmosphere of Petaluma itself. Della Fattoria remains a place for good food and building friendships amongst fellow community members in a world all too separated by trivialities.