Review: Dodie’s Human Tour

A pop singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom, Dodie Clark is known for her gentle voice, complex lyrics, and considerable online following. She is currently touring the United States for her third EP: “Human.”

Kayla Alcorcha, Extended Content Editor

Outside the entrance to the Fox Theatre, hundreds of young people holding pride flags and handmade posters are lined up to see Dodie Clark perform. The red glow of the marquee accentuates the glittery stars, hearts, and highlight on the cheekbones of dozens of smiling faces. While walking past this group of passionate fans — to join them in their countdown to 8 p.m. when the doors open — it was immediately clear that many of them dressed to match Dodie’s signature style. In addition to the singer’s trademark sparkly makeup looks, she is known to favor a particular shade of yellow. Several teenagers are dressed in “Dodie yellow,” bouncing up and down and clutching the sleeves of their concert-companions. The sight of the crowd in its entirety was an endearing reminder as to how devoted and youthful the artist’s audience truly is.

Once inside the venue, the fans quickly flooded the standing area. Folk singer Adam Melchor was the opener, and though most of the audience had not heard his music before the show, he won over the crowd with his strong vocals and friendly demeanor. After about six songs from Melchor, a quick blackout signaled the start of Dodie’s setlist. Dressed in her classic cropped t-shirt and fabric overalls, hair up in a messy ponytail, Dodie skipped on stage as the crowd screamed with excitement. She began with “Arms Unfolding,” the soft, intimate introduction to her newest album, Human. After this short acapella opening, Dodie launched into “Monster,” an upbeat track about “looking into the eyes of someone who hates you.” The singer energetically bounces around the stage with a wide smile as the audience dances to the catchy rhythm; everyone is having fun, despite the heavy topic of the song.

The stage is soon bathed in soft light. “I wrote this for my best friend,” Dodie says, as the soft sound of guitar strings echo throughout the theatre, slowly spilling from the on-stage speakers. For many, “She” is the most meaningful song out of the musician’s entire discography. A glimpse into the soul of a 17-year-old that is hopelessly lost in unrequited love, “She” represents the secret romantic feelings harbored by those coming to terms with their sexuality. To some, the song is a reminder of the love that lives between them and their partner: couples interlaced their fingers or shared a kiss. Prior to the show, a group of fans passed out hundreds of pink, construction-paper hearts to be held up while Dodie performed “She.” Exactly as planned, the crowd became a sea of hearts lit by iPhone flashlights. The sight was beautiful and reflective of both the message of the song and the emotional impact it has had on Dodie’s audience.

Through her open discussion of depression, dissociation, and dating habits, she has brought many communities together and voiced struggles that millions of her online viewers have kept to themselves.”

— Kayla Alcorcha

Cross-legged in front of her electric keyboard, she later tells the audience, “It’s hard for me to experience joy.” She goes on to say that she loves performing, and it is clear that this is true. Throughout the concert, Dodie jumped around the stage, kicking her legs and leaping into poses. By the end, she is doing enthusiastic cartwheels and handstands; her excitement is infectious. However, she struggles with multiple mental illnesses, including social anxiety. She acknowledged the irony of performing “6/10,” a song about feeling isolated, while surrounded by hundreds of people. These breaks between songs felt intimate, as if every person in the crowd were her close friend. There was a strong, distinct connection between the singer and her audience in those moments, and this is precisely how the messages in her songs have managed to reach millions of fans. Dodie tells her stories honestly, opens her heart with integrity, and inspires many young adults to do the same. Through her open discussion of depression, dissociation, and dating habits, she has brought many communities together and voiced struggles that millions of her online viewers have kept to themselves. Dodie uses her digital and musical platform to reach the people that need the most support; that need someone to look up to. She is only human, but she embodies it in a way that ignites empathy and adoration in the hearts of her fans.