Tennis Brief

Mallak Ali, Reporter; Reporter

Photo by Mallak Ali

Despite the Casa Grande tennis teams shaky start in the 2019 season, they have improved greatly in the allotted time. Due to the sport’s immediate start, the team held tennis clinics -open to all – in the summer to aid the newcomers and support them in advancing their skills. Since then, many of the players from the summer joined the school’s tennis team, replacing a large number of seniors that have recently graduated. Due to the influx of newcomers, many new techniques have been implemented to help them, in addition to what they learned over the summer. The Varsity captains, Suparna Kompalli, Hadley Mahoney, and Maggie Beal, currently carry out “Workout Wednesdays”, in which the team practices drills and work to improve footwork, speed, and agility. Additionally, the tennis coach, Fred Bout, believes in the importance of a safe and welcoming environment; therefore, each year, he pairs newcomers with current players to ensure strong and trusting relationships. Moreover, the team also holds annual team bonding, which this year took place at Cal Skate. There, the team not only bonded with each other but also with Coach Fred’s daughter and welcomed her into the tennis family.