Why America is Great


Photo by Mallak Ali

Violet Wang, Reporter

America is not just a country; it’s an idea. It is the ideology that was so revolutionary that thousands risked their lives to fight for it. This country was founded on the basis of liberty and of freedom, on the spirit of unparalleled leadership and public service. The American experiment began here: as brave settlers arrived to unknown new territory, they dreamed of building a City upon a Hill – a beacon of prosperity and opportunity. And the world watched, wondering if this idea called America could succeed. As the budding America grew, so did the unique culture that has defined its greatness. When the future seemed unsure, the common people from the 13 colonies fought for the chance to prosper as a great independent nation and show that they had always been Americans at heart. The rights that we inherit today echo to their pride as Americans and the values they stood for. 

Our constitution guarantees life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These unprecedented freedoms that govern the lives of all Americans are a privilege, one that did not come free. America is great because of the thousands of people who have given their lives in defense of the chance to prosper for all citizens. 

Today, meeting veterans has left me with an immense feeling of gratitude. Millions of Americans have sacrificed to serve for the advancement of the United States and the protection of the people. Their investment into the future of the country was and is invaluable, so how could I, as an American citizen, act with any less integrity? This nation has been crafted and protected to present the most amount of individual opportunity for its citizens, and we honor the extraordinary character of those who are willing to serve, work hard, and contribute to the greatness of America. 

The United States prospers of the people, for the people, and by the people. The patriots of colonial times did not fight to exchange the tyranny of a monarchy with the power of a few. They bestowed upon us a republic, a government through the people – entrusting each generation to continually enliven our founding values and enduring ideals. This opportunity to be civically engaged, where every citizen can exercise their ballot towards their government is the revolutionary democracy that our founding fathers carved out for our prolonged success. And America is successful, as a leading nation for the world to follow. There is a common purpose here, and a reason that hearts swell with pride when pledging to the flag. 

The culture of diversity, where people of all backgrounds can participate in the American Dream is the shared opportunity that makes the United States stronger. You and I, as citizens, have the power to shape this country’s path. You and I, as Americans, have the chance to speak in defense of our oldest values. Throughout history, leaders such as Susan B. Anthony and Martin Luther King Junior have advocated for the change that continually improves this country. 

Our democracy was cast by intellect and debate, by activism and blood, but above all by a stubborn alliance to the notion that we are all created equal and that America deserves greatness. We are not stagnant and the journey is far from over. It is our democracy, our republic, our City upon a Hill. This strong culture of citizen involvement, prosperity, endless opportunity, and diversity define the American idea. We thank each veteran and citizen that has honored our country and fought for the voice of democracy to ring true to the values that allow America to be great.