Teen or Grandparent


Photo by Violet Wang

Emma Hughes, Reporter

Being a 16 year old girl, I don’t often describe myself as a grandma. However, when asked, my friends, family, and especially my sister claim that I must be a little old lady trapped in a teenager’s body. Yes, I love to read and yes, I love to just stay at home and do nothing, but I still occasionally do regular teen activities. I still hang out with my friends and gossip. I go to high school football games and even go to school dances. But apparently, going to sleep at nine o’clock and not being able to focus on a tv show because I’m too wrapped up in a good book, automatically classifies me as a grandma.

When I started middle school and eventually high school, my priorities changed and were overshadowed by the stress and anxiety of the future. As my free time dwindled, replaced by school, homework, and sports, my first loves slowly fled from my mind, leaving behind distant memories. However, I found new loves: sports, Netflix, friends, and most importantly, reading. I still attempted to forget about the outside world, and when I wasn’t being forced to read books, I found I actually wanted to read. I read cheesy teen romance novels. I read about dystopian futures. I read about old fairy tales with modern twists. I could procrastinate life and travel the world. I could be a princess, or a spy, or a robot, or anything I wanted.

This pretending was new and exhilarating. I now understood more about life and had my own responsibilities. While, I was thinking of my future and stressing over my grades, I took every spare second I had, and went back to my little safe haven of new characters and far away lands. I was living vicariously through my books, while still living my normal teen life. My worries, stresses, and anxieties still lived and festered in my head, but vanished when I was reading.

However, I often hide out in my room to read, or finish homework, or watch movies. I go completely off the grid and I sometimes dread having to leave my house or even my room. While I love to hang out with friends and family, I value my alone time where I can easily put off my responsibilities. It also doesn’t help that my parents gave me a ten o’clock bedtime when all other teenagers stay up till two in the morning. Not that it matters though: because I always end up asleep by nine.