Online Learning Resources

Online Learning Resources

Nick Kassis, Reporter

Due to the Coronavirus, Casa Grande High School has declared that distance learning will continue until the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Distance learning will continue until further notice. For some students, distance learning is ideal; however, for students that rely on lecture-based teaching and are more visual learners suffer from distance learning. While continuing distance learning, it can be easy to not learn anything due to all the distractions at home; and on the other hand, it can be equally difficult for other students who relied on their teachers to understand the content. Don’t be discouraged from trying to work. There are many resources online that will help you understand and work on the content you are studying. 

Khan Academy is a great tool for students to use when they need lecture-based instruction on how to do their work. Khan Academy has classes ranging from AP Calculus to general Biology and even World History courses. Each course has an outline of the different topics covered. All courses have video lectures and other additional worksheets to help students understand the material being taught. There are also progress checks to help ensure that every student leaves with the course topics understanding what was covered. Also, students taking the SAT should consider practicing on Khan Academy’s website. It provides examples of problems that can be seen on the actual SAT, as well as gives a brief of how the answer was reached.

Another beneficial website to visit is Course Hero. Course Hero has a range of classes covered for Literature to Humanities. They have practice problems for students to test their understanding of content, as well as in-depth analysis of novels. This website is highly beneficial to students that need to test their skills in certain subjects. For students in English classes, this website provides an analysis of over 1000+ novels that can help with understanding complex books. Students that struggle with keeping up with reading will highly benefit from the website’s chapter summaries.

A website that is grossly overlooked as a study helper is Youtube. The millions of videos of different topics and subjects provide students a choice on how they want to learn. For those taking sciences and history related courses, Crash Course and Bozeman Science are great content creators that provide a wide array of content for students. Students that struggle with reading can look up audiobook versions of Novell they are reading, helping ensure that they are reading. There are even hundreds of math teachers that can help students understand difficult topics. 

Students who find Youtube to be no help, don’t freak out. There are hundreds of websites that can help any student with their work. is a credible website that has lots of information both in articles and videos that can help students studying both World and United States history. Other general websites, such as, are great ways to get help.

AP students should not disregard the AP classroom and the College Board website. The College Board has begun to provide free help and online classes to all students taking AP classes. The College Board has videos on Youtube that cover later topics for each subject. AP exams will be taken online this year, so AP students should take a look at the College Board’s youtube videos to see if they are beneficial for their learning experience. 

COVID-19 has caused lots of confusion and heartache this school year; however, students should take the initiative and try their best to receive the best education they can. Zoom calls and lectures might not be enough, but each website listed above can help most students push through the learning barriers placed on them by the Coronavirus.