Adoption During Quarantine

Coronavirus has changed how much people can interact with each other at a fundamental level; with many being stuck inside their homes for weeks on end, some people have welcomed animals into their households for the extra company and entertainment.


Photo by Lindsey Crawford

Photo by Lindsey Crawford

Nathan Bingham, Reporter

With the outbreak of Covid-19 spreading rapidly across the globe, the normality of society has nearly ground to a halt. Programs such as social distancing, non-essential workers staying at home, and only leaving one’s home when absolutely necessary have all been implemented in order to slow the spread of the virus further. 

As quarantine has set into its fourth week in Sonoma County, already scheduled to run through the end of May at least, people are seeking out even more ways to entertain themselves and their loved ones while at home. As such, animals are being adopted from shelters and taken care of in residents’ homes more now than any time in recent history; this uptick of adoptions is also allowing those who work in the shelters a greater chance of being allowed to stay safe in their homes instead of at higher risk at their place of work.

Sophomore Lindsey Crawford detailed her family’s own experience adopting and supporting a new pet due to the quarantine saying,

We got a kitten to foster named Sweetie from North Bay Animal Shelter. The process of actually picking her up was a little difficult due to recent conditions but we heard that the shelter was in need of fosters during the shelter in place. Having Sweetie around has really helped me; she keeps me busy and makes the long days at home much easier. She loves to sit next to me and watch my computer when I am on zoom calls or writing essays. It has really made the whole experience much more bearable” said Crawford.

With the constantly changing circumstances of quarantine, having the normalcy and routine that comes with caring for a pet can be very beneficial for students and their family members alike. Finding solace whenever and however possible is essential to making it through self-enforced isolation in order to flatten the curve of the pandemic.

Having Sweetie around has really helped me; she keeps me busy and makes the long days at home much easier.”

— Lindsey Crawford