How to Stay Active During Quarantine


Leticia Manzo, Reporter

With the increase of COVID-19 cases, millions of people have been left with no choice but to practice social distancing in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Although nonessential businesses like gyms are shut down, there are surprisingly many ways to maintain ourselves active both inside and outside all while practicing social distance.


Since individuals are still allowed outside for physical activity, below are simple yet effective exercises that can be performed outdoors. 


Even though it seems like an obvious option, walking is a simple yet effective way to get your body moving. This seems like the best option if working up too much of a sweat isn’t ideal for you. If you don’t want to walk alone, you can also bring your dog along and be active together. Simply walking fifteen minutes can improve your mood and give you some fresh air. 


Many people dread running but now with gyms being temporarily closed, many have turned to running as their main source of activity.

Senior Anthony Ramirez has been keeping himself active through jogs; “I go on night runs like five to six days a week and I do some core workouts”. Ramirez added that after running, he feels better physically, and as if his mood has improved. Spotify even has music playlists created with beats per minute based on your running pace to give you an extra pump.


Last but not least for outdoor activities is cycling. Just like running, cycling can work up a sweat and improve cardiovascular endurance. Riding your bike can be a great alternative if you don’t want to use your car or if you usually opt for public transportation. Not only does this benefit your health but the environment too. 


From no equipment to strength training workouts, indoor workouts are easily accessible. Fortunately, the internet and social media have become easily accessible for free workouts that can be performed anywhere, whether it be in your room, garage, backyard, or any small corner within your home.


Not only is yoga a unique form of exercise but a way to relax the mind and meditate as well. Even if you’re a beginner, there are modifications for all exercises and online videos for all types of levels. Yoga also increases flexibility and range of motion, making your body more limber. 

Videos/Social Media

Workout videos are a great option to stay active inside. 

Senior Dulce Ortiz shared she has been “eating healthy foods and vitamins so [she has] energy to do at home workouts from Youtube”. Youtube has infinite amounts of fitness channels with videos ranging from beginner to advanced workouts and your preference for exercise activity. The best part is that the majority of them are free. Fitness influencers have also offered free Live IG TV videos that you can follow along on Instagram and even posts with different workouts posted daily.

Strength training 

If you have access to equipment at home, strength training is the next best alternative for the gym. Most gym exercises can be substituted with dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and even your body weight. Even without that equipment, you can improvise by using water bottles instead of dumbbells, or using your backpack full of textbooks to increase the weight and challenge yourself during your workout. 

During times like these, it is important to keep ourselves busy. Keeping your body active does not only offer countless amounts of benefits for your physical health but for your mental health as well. Exercising does not have to be extremely taxing on your body and with the list above, there are many ways to get creative and build your own workouts. Simply taking a walk or stretching during a commercial break can do the job but keeping your body active is essential for your well being.