Senior Project Updates


Photo by Violet Wang

Violet Wang, Reporter

The global Covid-19 pandemic has been a hard hit on the class of 2020 high school seniors. Milestones like prom and graduation have all been put in jeopardy, but another signature part of the experience at Casa Grande are senior projects. It wraps up the last four years by culminating skills and leadership to give back to the community and encourage civic engagement. 

Usually, seniors complete 20 hours of community service, create a website, and present their project to a panel of judges at the end of May. It is an important part of the curriculum, with graded sections in English, government, and economics classes. As Petaluma City Schools shifted to online learning in mid-March and the Sonoma County Shelter in Place order became instituted shortly after, many seniors were unable to complete their 20 hours. Later, as in- person school was cancelled for the rest of the school year, presentations were put on a hold too. The curriculum needed to be changed to reflect the unique circumstances. 

Recently, new guidelines have been released for Casa Grande seniors with different options. A statement to students said, “Due to the unique conclusion of the 2019-2020 school year and Senior Project, we acknowledge that there are a number of you who did not get the opportunity to complete your required 20 hours due to the Shelter-In-Place order by the State of California. In order to honor the hours you have completed, we will utilize our ​Graduate Profile​ creating an opportunity for you to achieve your 20 hours for this project. The work submitted should exemplify a thoughtful response reflective of the time commitment you are fulfilling”. Seniors are able to choose to do their presentations through written reflection answers, a pre-filmed presentation, or a scheduled live presentation on zoom. Seniors received a form to choose which of the options they preferred. Additionally, based on the number of hours of community service completed, seniors have different kinds of work. If less than 20 hours are logged, students must fill out 1-4 areas of graduate profile reflections. The Graduate Profile Reflection Areas are Broadly Literate​, Highly​ ​Employable​, Civically Engaged​, and Personal Vision. 

Although the Covid-19 crisis is unprecedented in nature, the work that seniors have done and will do is still being recognized. Senior projects continue to be hallmarks for Casa Grande graduates, and seniors will still be able to reflect on the learning they have accomplished in the past four years, as well as the skills they have gained to succeed in the world.