New Year, New Tech

New Year, New Tech

Nick Kassis, Reporter

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many schools and colleges to remain shut down for the remainder of the year; however, many students find that their school-issued device isn’t helping with the work that teachers assign. It is understandable, the school laptops issued by the school can only do so much; having websites blocked and the difficulty of performing tasks directly on the devices can cause student productivity to decrease. So, one great alternative device to use in lieu of the school laptops is an Apple Ipad Pro.

The Ipad Pro is a costly device, with its price ranging from $800 to $1500. Although the prices are high, the ability to work directly on the Ipad – take notes, do homework, make Zoom calls – is beneficial to helping students complete work fast. The Ipad’s ability to multitask with different applications can allow students to both take notes and surf the internet. Another great feature of the Ipad Pro is its fast processing power; allowing it to be a laptop replacement in many situations, and with the Second Generation Apple Pencil, taking virtual notes has never been easier. The Apple Pencil is a great tool for the Ipad: it makes drawing and editing papers easier much easier with its precision tip. Paired with its ability to be used anywhere on the go, the Ipad Pro is a great piece of tech that students should consider purchasing. But do be warned, the Ipad pro is large, so it is prone to bending if put into a situation where bending can occur; however, this problem can easily be solved by purchasing a case, such as the Otterbox 360 Symmetry case.

If tablets aren’t your market, then the Microsoft Surface Go laptop is both strong and is affordable: starting at $450. Functioning as a hybrid – laptop and tablet – the Surface Go packs a punch while still being affordable for students. Its all-day battery life and portability make it a great laptop for students that are on the go. With its built-in trackpad and keyboard, the Surface Go doesn’t require the additional purchase of either mouse or keyboard. Most importantly, the Microsoft Surface Go can tackle most tasks that students need, such as surfacing the web, opening documents, and other applications, such as Excel spreadsheets. But why buy the Surface Go over the Ipad Pro?

Well, the Surface Go can do many of the functions as the Ipad Pro with some exceptions. The Surface Go is unable to multitask on the same level as the Ipad Pro, and the Ipad Pro’s faster processor makes handling multiple applications more fluid than the Surface. Another factor that plays into their differences is the price gap between the two items. The Surface Go does not require any additional purchases to elevate its experience; on the other hand, the Ipad Pro needs the additional purchase of the Apple Pencil to have the best experience using it. 

If you want a true laptop; rather than a hybrid tablet, then the Dell XPS 13 laptop is one of the best. The new slim borders and with the addition of 4K Ultra HD resolution gives the XPS 13 an amazing viewing experience. Paired with an Intel fifth-generation I-5 Processor, the Dell XPS 13 can handle any task thrown at it. Overall, its laptop internal specifications make the Dell XPS 13 $850; a reasonable price for the experience. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has shown students that the technology we use needs an update. Although the school-issued Chromebooks are great, they don’t cater to the needs of every student. That is why an upgrade in the devices used for school can heavily benefit a student’s productivity.