Before The World Went Quiet

Coronavirus has changed how we fundamentally interact with each other and will inevitably leave scars on our society as a whole; however, despite this new challenge, people are coming together to help bring as much normalcy as possible back to the lives of those around them: especially of this year’s senior class.


Nathan Bingham, Reporter

[I] can’t even imagine what prom and graduation would’ve been like…I just hope better things are to come.”

— Cecilia Aden

Before classes were only through the webcams of our laptops, emails became the main form of teacher to student communication, and AP exams were open note, the leadership class and Project Grad had been planning events for this year’s senior class for months; the senior class receiving their cap and gowns was planned to be one of the chief among them. Sadly, due to the quarantine and isolation measures used to prevent the further spread of Covid-19, that celebratory moment among so many other senior year traditions had to be changed. This year seniors and their families waited in line in their cars as teachers, administrators, and members of Project Grad passed out caps and gowns; going even further, Project Grad gave out free yard signs and shirts celebrating the class of 2020. 

    To celebrate the graduating seniors even further, members of individual seniors’ families made posters and banners dedicated to their children in order to make the day that much more special for them. Much of the physical celebration of graduation may have been canceled but the spirit of it remains through efforts like this.

    Even if the circumstances which lead to these cancellations were beyond anything within their realm of control, seniors have still reflected on the toll Covid-19 has taken on them. Senior Cecilia Aden said,

    “Personally, I am in denial. I can’t look at the news[; I] can’t even imagine what prom and graduation would’ve been like. I think the drive [through] was nice but also salt in the wound because it reminded me of a community I haven’t felt in two months. I cried and before I thought I hadn’t cared… I am angry but [I] have to let it go[;] I just hope better things are to come” said Aden.

    As quarantine continues on and the school year nears its end, hopes for the future are rising despite the sadness brought upon by Covid-19; cancellations and postponements may continue but hopefully a return to normalcy is just beyond the horizon and the world can return from its self imposed quietness.