Highlighting Seniors: Maryanne Boaz


Photo by Brie Rose Manson.

Annabelle Stuelpe, Reporter

Maryanne Boaz is a senior at Casa Grande. Her experience at Casa has been beneficial to her, with some of her favorite memories being in-class debates with her peers, “exploring/ falling” into the Adobe Creek, and being hunted by her teacher impersonating a bear (the bear test). Now Boaz looks forward to attending the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University, and hopes to obtain a BFA in Musical Theater.

“After months and months of preparation and video and live dance, singing, and acting auditions, I am thrilled to announce that I will be attending my dream program where I will study and work from working professionals in a small and personalized setting,” said Boaz.

Boaz has even looked beyond college. The senior plans to work in live theater (doing singing, acting, and dance), voice over work, film, and virtual and recorded work. If Boaz were to have one main goal, it would to one day be a cast member on a national touring musical. For now, Boaz reflects on the important life skills she has obtained through her years on campus. 

“I’ve learned a lot about communication but more importantly, not limiting myself or hesitating. I’ve found so many great opportunities that were glanced over. I’ve discovered that not asking or reaching out only limits you and you can’t be afraid to take that leap,” said Boaz. 

For Maryanne Boaz, it has been the staff that has helped lead her towards discovering these skills. She acknowledges that the entire Casa Grande AP English program has been phenomenal, especially her eleventh grade English teacher, Ms. Kautsch. 

“She really prepares you with skills that are applicable to real life, such as resume building, self framing, and basic elevated writing and communication skills,” said Boaz. Government and Economics teacher Mr. Lee has also prepared Boaz with important life skills and topics necessary to progress in life, such as writing checks and finding the right loan or credit card for your lifestyle.

COVID-19 shutdowns have affected all seniors, and Boaz knows she is not alone in feeling as if she has missed out on important moments such as prom and graduation, or even saying goodbyes to many peers and teachers. However, she found a good piece of advice from a target cashier: “At least now you don’t have to worry about forgetting a prom when you’re old and dying”. Boaz regards it as “pure wisdom”. Although her spring semester was partially cancelled, Boaz is ready to graduate. 

“It doesn’t quite seem like graduating though with everything going on. But it does feel  amazing to never have to be in a high school class ever again. I’m very happy and ready to leave. It was fun, but I’m more excited for what’s to come!” said Boaz.