Highlighting Seniors: Choir’s Grace Cossen


Photo by Olivia Cossen.

Annabelle Stuelpe, Reporter

Four-year choir student, Grace Cossen, is a member of our graduating class this year. Cossen has grown throughout her years on campus, learning valuable skills that she will be able to apply to her life in the future. Through choir, Cossen has learned to accept what is happening and go with it, but to also speak up if something is wrong. 

“I can’t tell you how many times I said a part sounded terrible and we had to go back and work on it,” Cossen said.  

She has also learned to get used to getting up in front of large audiences and speaking or singing through choir. She explains that it used to be her biggest weakness, but now she has no trouble with it.

While choir mostly consisted of learning songs and singing, it also involved checking in on each other’s mental health. “[Ms.] Sonntag would check in with us about school and about our mental health. She really cares,” said Cossen. Cossen also was considered the class clown of the choir.

“Ms. Sonntag didn’t really stop me so I was constantly making jokes and making people laugh, even her. Plus I was kind of snarky and talked back in a joking way which just made things even funnier,” said Cossen.

The senior plans on attending Santa Rosa Junior College for two years to get her general education done, and will then transfer to an art school. As Cossen reflects on her years on campus, she remembers learning life skills such as learning to speak up, participate in class discussions, and to not hold back. Cossen’s favorite memories from her time in high school are the spirit day rallies. She considers Econ to be the class that has best prepared her for life, and thanks Mr. Lee, her teacher. 

COVID-19 shut-downs, which have greatly affected those in their senior year, have put a damper on Cossen’s final months of high school. The senior had been hoping for spring to bring some excitement to the school year. However, Cossen understands that it is a serious matter and out of everyone’s control. On graduating, Cossen is not entirely sure how she stands.

“Honestly, I’m scared to graduate. I’m happy that I’m done with high school but that means I’m like no longer a kid. I have to get my life together and I don’t have a set path anymore; they just throw you in without warning or direction. It’s like not knowing how to swim and being tossed in the ocean,” the senior says.

As Grace moves on from this period in her life, she is prepared for what is to come.