The Curveball of COVID-19: 2019-2020 Casa Grande Softball Season Cancelled

Ella Davis, Reporter

Because of the pandemic of Covid-19, people all around the world find themselves having to adapt, and the student body of our school is no different. This pandemic has caused several events, sports, ceremonies, and many other things to be canceled including Senior Katie Humphreys’s last season of softball. 

Humphreys, a softball pitcher, shared her thoughts on how she believed this season would have gone. 

“I know our team was going to go far this year because we were all working so hard,” said Humphreys. 

Humphreys’ disappointment at her last season being cancelled was made crystal clear. “[Missing my last season is] a real bummer, and I can’t compare the feeling to anything I’ve ever really felt before,” she said. “I think the worst part about it is just the lost time with everybody on the team.” 

Humphreys believes that her teammates are just as disappointed as she is. However, this is not the end of Humphreys’ softball career.

“I’m signed to attend Academy of Art University in S.F. and play for their team at the division 2 level,” stated Humphreys. “I’m majoring in art education to hopefully become a teacher.”

Humphreys has a long history of playing softball and other sports. She said, “I’ve played for the high school for all four years. All together through my life, I’m probably at around nine years of playing since t ball.”

Softball has had a large impact on Humphreys’ life. She has made many friends through the sport and learned a lot.

“[Playing softball at Casa has] been a ton of fun, and I’ve met so many different people through it. Me and the other two seniors, Regan Laubscher and Katie Machado played together in PGSA as kids, so it’s been great getting to play through high school with them too. Everybody on the team is so amazing, and I’m going to miss them so much next year.” Humphreys stated.

Humphreys then went on to say, “[Softball has] been a huge part of my life. Through high school and travel softball, I’ve met so many role models. I’ve learned teamwork, leadership, and that you need to work hard to accomplish what you want.”

Humphreys also had advice to share to future students interested in playing softball. 

“I would just say to work hard, have fun, and don’t take it for granted because four years goes by really fast.” Humphreys advised.

Humphreys is just one of the many seniors who had their last season cancelled. The spread of Covid-19 has impacted many different lives in many different ways. Not every senior was able to finish their last season, but they still have the positive memories, friendships, and experiences that came from playing their sport in high school.