Hot Chocolate Bombs: A Trendy Wintertime Treat

With a simple and creative recipe, hot chocolate bombs make for an enticing alternative to a traditional cup of hot chocolate.


Jake Dietlin and Alyssa Carlson

As the days get colder and the holidays approach, a steaming cup of hot chocolate sounds ever so appealing. Classic hot chocolate―the style made with cocoa powder and milkhas been around for centuries; however, a newer trend, the hot chocolate bomb, has made a tasty appearance in 2020. The delicious treat made its first emergence in the realm of Tik Tok where creators shared their latest food inventions and eventually formed the popular hot chocolate bomb. This luscious little ball of sweetness can be created with a plethora of spices and sweets inside, with the only basic requirement of an outer chocolate shell. In addition to their sweet taste, the balls are commonly decorated with frosting, sprinkles, and other toppings to make them look all the more festive. Add this special bomb to a hot cup of milk and you’re in for a tasty hot drink on a cold winter day.

When making a hot chocolate bomb, it is important to have a vision in mind of the desired look and ingredients. Whether it be a white chocolate shell with milk chocolate drizzles and marshmallows or a milk chocolate shell with coconut flakes and sprinkles, planning out the process is key to a successful batch of hot chocolate bombs. After deciding the end product, the first step is to construct the outer shell. This step is arguably the most difficult out of the entire process because the shell requires enough chocolate to be sturdy but not too much that it is difficult to separate from the shell mold. After heating the chocolate of choice―Hershey’s, Ghirardelli, or another brand―the melted substance is then placed in the hemisphere-shaped molds and evenly spread to make the ideal shape for the shell. Then, these molds are placed in the fridge for about ten to fifteen minutes, removed from the fridge, and loosened from the molds to be prepared for the next step.

After constructing the foundation of the chocolate bomb, the processes of incorporating the different ingredients and decorating the shells are where the real creativity and fun begins. Any sweet ingredients―the common favorites being marshmallows and cinnamon―will work as interior additives. Once these elements are delicately placed inside one half of the chocolate sphere, the other half is then melded to encapsulate the interior ingredients into a complete shell. It is important to melt the edge of one of the chocolate hemispheres so that it glues the two halves together as it cools down. The concluding step is to decorate the exterior with whatever dressings or toppings. While these final garnishes do not necessarily contribute a ton of flavor, they certainly escalate the appearance of the hot chocolate bombs.

After the delectable bomb is placed inside a mug, the trend calls for a glass of warm milk to flood the mug which then melts the chocolate and begins the delicious explosion. During this process, the bomb essentially ruptures, releasing the marshmallows, cocoa powder, and other sweet ingredients into the milk. The visual brewery of the hot chocolate adds a whole new level of enjoyment; not only is this sight beautiful to look at, but the sugary aroma compels you to take a sip of the scorching liquid. 

Although the sweet explosion seems to dramatically enhance the flavor, the actual taste of the resulting hot chocolate is a little underwhelming. After a few cups of hot chocolate made from the bombs, it is concurrently concluded that the bombs contribute little to no extra extravagance in the drink. The hot chocolate bombs can be comparable to a decent, normal cup of hot chocolate, despite their delightful appearance. 

Hot chocolate bombs ultimately make for a decorative, creative, and visually impressive wintertime treat. While the media might exaggerate the true tastiness of the bombs, they undeniably look amazing and allow for new elements to be integrated into ordinary hot chocolate. They also generate a neat explosion effect when placed in the milk, which adds to the fun factor in this classic drink. All in all, if you are in search of an inventive, tasty, trendy drink with a fun and simple recipe, then hot chocolate bombs might just be the holiday treat for you.