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New School Year, New Admin

October 6, 2019

 The start of a new school year often creates change on campus, yet this year, the change is substa...

A student puts her final touches on her letter before sending it off

International Pen Pals: Beyond Letters

May 22, 2019

Many students on campus take classes at some point during their high school careers to learn a foreign language. With that, one of the best ways to learn a foreign language is to practice. Students in Kim Fowler’s Spanish two class have been fortunate enough to authentically practice their best Spanish: they have been writing and receiving pen pal letters with high school students in Spain.

Sharon Howell, vice principal, is going to leave her position at the school this year.

A New Beginning

March 17, 2019

After working at the school since 2001, vice principal Sharon Howell has resigned from her position and plans to stop working after the end of the school year. During her years on campus, she worked as a counselor and head counselor and has spent the last four years as vice principal. Before her years on campus, Howell received her teaching credential and taught a range of students from pre-kindergarten to junior college. She has worked primarily in education for her whole career. Though she does not have a specific job set up for herself, she plans to stay in public education, but shift to mentoring or coaching adults. Howell expresses her gratitude towards her coworkers, the students and her time on campus.

Students take a selfie after a school fire alarm is pulled.


March 6, 2019

With the blaring of the fire alarm becoming an increasingly common occurrence at the school, many have found a way to make light of the disruptive situation in the form of the #FireAlarmSelfie. Since 2017, someone, or a group of people, have been pulling the fire alarms for no reason, consuming vital classroom time. To some, perhaps, the pulled fire alarm is a savior from a test or a project in class, but to the vast majority, it is a nuisance. When pulled, the fire alarm sends a signal to the fire department that there is an emergency, resulting in firefighters speeding to campus to discover yet again that there is no fire. Moreover, every time the alarm is pulled, the school has to pay money to the fire department, as well as waste their time that could be spent responding to real emergencies. The pulled fire alarm, that to many is just a fact of life on campus, depletes from funds that could go to athletics, school supplies, and events. Spanish teacher Kim Fowler explains her opinion on the frequent disruptions.

Honey cinnamon popcorn incorporates the spices and flavors characteristic of a winter snack while showcasing the sweet side of popcorn.

What’s Poppin’?

January 9, 2019

  Skittles Popcorn 14 oz. bag of skittles (divided by color) 6-10 cups popcorn 5 x 2 tbsp. corn syrup 5 x ¼ cup butter Parchment paper Pop...

Relatives of military personnel and soldiers often  have a varied and unique upbringing.

A Salute to Military Children

December 8, 2018

Each year, our campus welcomes a diverse and unique batch of learners to the student body. Among them are the siblings, daughters, or sons of active or ex-military members who have served their families while serving the nation. Below, military siblings from our campus share their experiences with ever-changing academic, social, and domestic circumstances.

Decoding Quickly

Decoding Quickly

December 5, 2018

Quickly, one of the largest tapioca and milk tea shops in the world, has an expansive menu containing a ...

Mitchell McSweeney has taken over as a world history and economics teacher.

New Teacher on Campus

December 2, 2018

By the end first grading period, most students have settled into all of their classes, grew familiar wit...

“Identity Evropa” Stickers Removed from Junior College Campus

November 3, 2018

tickers and posters were found all over Sonoma County, including Windsor, Healdsburg, and Sonoma in late August. Though they are a hate group and posted advertisements representing hate, vandalism was the only crime committed as no damage or violence was involved. Police are continuing to closely watch and investigate the situation.

Review: Mall Food Court Options

Review: Mall Food Court Options

September 8, 2018

Members of the journalism staff reviewed the variety of food in the food court in the Santa Rosa mall.

Seniors share advice for their new freshmen classmates.

Senior Advice

September 7, 2018

As the new freshman class gets settled into their new home away from home for the next four years, w...

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