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Stand Out Senior Projects

Stand Out Senior Projects

April 13, 2019

Senior projects with an emphasis on social change are on the rise with two notable examples on display: one depicts the achievements and unique qualities of the school on the west wall of the art wing and the other is a profound statement displaying the prevalence of rape culture.


Review: “Wasteland, Baby!” Is Perfectly Crafted

April 11, 2019

“Wasteland, Baby!” graced the world’s presence on March 1, 2019, to millions of anxious listeners. Those who anticipated the release were pleased to witness 11 brand new songs, and 3 songs pulled over from a previous EP entitled “Nina Cried Power.” Each song feels carefully crafted with love and appreciation for the material. Some notable tracks throughout the album, for either their uniqueness or their power, are “Nina Cried Power (ft. Mavis Staples),” “To Noise Making (Sing),” “Talk,” and the titular track “Wasteland, Baby!”

The GQ boys sing their opening song.

Annual Mr. GQ Pageant Held

April 3, 2019

Matthew Mason won "Mr. Inspirational." Nate Busse won both "Mr. Popular," due to him raising over $1000 for his charity, and "Mr. GQ," the title given to the overall winner.

Senior Mark Paley shares his new favorite activity: rock climbing.

Climbing High

March 4, 2019

“My hands are always blistered now. I’m always in pain. Rock climbing uses different muscle groups than what you are used to using in normal life, so when we first joined we were in all sorts of pain and discomfort.”

Conan Gray's EP is reviewed by page editor and artist Sydney Pearce.

Review: “Sunset Season” is a Ray of Light in the Dark Realm of YouTube music

January 9, 2019

   Looking at the world of Youtuber music, you see Tana Mongeau’s “Heifner,” or Jake Paul’s...

Sports have been heavily stigmatized to belong to one gender or another over the history of American culture.

Rewriting Roles

December 10, 2018

Sports have been heavily stigmatized to belong to one gender or another over the history of American cu...

Fresh[man] Start

Fresh[man] Start

September 27, 2018

It’s a brand new year, and with it comes new faces. Coming out of eighth grade and moving into ninth, ma...

Hole in One

Hole in One

October 6, 2017

For this fall sports season, a new coach has been hired to establish a strong foundation for the Women’s ...

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