New Courses Debut

In the upcoming 2017-18 school year, new courses and academic paths are being introduced. Counselors began visiting classrooms mid-January to inform students about their choices and ways to get a head start on preparing for a successful year. Head counselor Brett Sklove gave some insight and details regarding the new courses, as well as some adjustments to certain curriculums.

   “For ninth grade, we have an Introduction to Broadcasting class [taught by] Mr. Raiewski. For upperclassmen, we have AP Human Geography, a new social science elective, designed for students who are interested in learning about people and cultures. It’s a good pairing for Sociology or AP Psychology and is associated to the S.J.A. cluster,” said Sklove.

As for the science department, there are also a few renovations in the curriculum.

  “We are also offering Introduction to Robotics [year-long] for grades 9-12. It’s in our new Innovation cluster which is replacing STEAM. We also have AP Physics 2; students will be able to take either Physics 1 and Physics 2 either simultaneously or choose one or the other. They are the same level but different topics,” said Sklove.

While there are a handful of new classes, some will be remodeled or reintroduced.

  “Public Speaking is now going to be offered to juniors and seniors. It’s going to be revamped to focus more on debate and how to navigate for yourself. In Legal Studies, [students are] going to learn about their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Public Speaking and Legal Studies are one semester each; they are paired together. [These classes are also] in the Social Justice Academy cluster,” said Sklove.

 Junior Delia Reif commented on her possible interest in the upcoming courses.

   “[I’d be interested in] AP Human Geography because it would be interesting to learn about different cultures. I’m already in the SJA cluster so I feel like it would be really intriguing,” said Reif.

In addition, freshman Ryan Anderson stated his insight on the possible electives.

   “I think AP Human Geography looks pretty cool. I’m pretty into science, too, so AP Physics 2 looks like a class I could enjoy taking. I might want to have a career in public speaking or being a lawyer, so the Public Speaking class might also be good for me,” said Anderson.

   For further observation, a poll was conducted to test what percentages of students per grade were interested in signing up forthe new classes being offered. For more information on the courses, discuss details with the counseling staff and/or refer to the course handbook online.