10,000 Degrees Institution Supports College Efforts

Nellely Azpeitia and Alex Paredes

A substantial number of sophomores in the last week of March signed up for an institute known as 10,000 Degrees. 10,000 Degrees is a college institute that supports high school students finding success in attaining acceptance at their dream college or university. It also offers aid in financial services and receiving scholarships.

Alumnus of 10,000 Degrees, Hugo Que is the College Access Advisor for the Petaluma school district and for the Shoreline school district, who helps students with anything related to college.

“I was part of the 10,000 Degrees Institute in 2008, and that’s what really helped me see that a college opportunity was for me. [Mainly] because of my background, I’m undocumented, and I am also coming from a low income family,” said Que.

Kayla Briceño, one of the applicants, shares her personal thoughts about the importance of a program that can change her life.

“10,000 Degrees is an institute which is offered to people of low-income families. I applied personally, because my family can’t financially support me through college,” said Briceño.

Que also explains more about the institute’s  purpose and beliefs.

“The sole purpose for me for 10,000 Degrees is creating college students who change the world, and what that means for us is that the world can be your community or your family. It’s all about believing that everyone has an opportunity to go to college. No matter your situation, your status, your ethnicity, your sexuality, no matter your situation, you can go to college and there’s a possibility for you to do so,” said Que.