Tomorrow’s Leaders Today: Leadership Program

Emma Pearce

Tomorrow’s Leaders Today (TLT) is a leadership program that gives students the chance to explore possible careers and meet members in those fields. TLT helps students look into human services, agriculture, criminal justice, health care, and many more professions. As a coordinator, Georgia Pedgrift manages the school’s branch of TLT and summarizes its purpose.

“Tomorrow’s Leaders Today provides leadership development, career exploration, and community engagement opportunities for students throughout Sonoma County. It provides students with an opportunity to understand their community at a deeper level while learning about potential careers for them to pursue,” said Pedgrift.

Students experience new things that help them investigate what they want for their future. Pedgrift discusses some of the benefits of joining TLT.

“[It] provides a very unique opportunity to see industries up close and meet local leaders personally. We provide what can’t be done in a classroom setting and help students explore careers they may have never known about. It’s also  a great addition to a college application or job resume,” said Pedgrift.

Students who are unsure of what to do after high school have the chance to understand how their communities work and other useful skills like public speaking and teamwork.