Voice: Mia Shew-Smith, 11

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When I think of politics, I think of the social aspects because I think everyone should be equal no matter how much money they have. I think if you have more money you should help out other people. I personally feel like politics are not going that great, but that’s from my standpoint as a liberal. I feel like there is a lot of discrimination and it’s really unfair to everyone except white males.

   I see a lot of people being discriminated against and I see a lot of hate crimes being committed more so now than when Obama was president. There is too much racial profiling with police. I think [to prevent racial profiling] we should bring more awareness to the different types of cultures that there are and to discuss all sides of the topic.

   Trump’s disrespect of veterans, his disrespect of blacks, his disrespect of Mexicans are all major problems, and everything he says is hateful. It’s very much what a privileged white person would say who has never felt any type of discrimination and has never had to struggle economically.

   I think the way immigrants are treated is very unfair. I think anyone should be able to come here. Most of these people are not the ones who will commit crimes; they are just people who came here to create a better life for themselves and their children. I understand that it is illegal to come here without the proper documents and such, but [deporting people protected under DACA]  doesn’t sit right with me. It is hurtful to people who are just trying to avoid violence and work their way up the economic and social ladder.

   Ending DACA will affect so many lives on a personal level. They are going to have a lot of loved ones that will be sent back. It will definitely hurt the economy because most of the DACA recipients are people who have already graduated college and are now living and working in their careers. Sending all those people back is just hateful. People will be sent back to countries they have never known.

   I know that many people don’t think like me, but I would probably try to convince them by giving them facts, facts they could easily find themselves, and tell them that being pro-Trump is just being hateful. Even if you don’t support the things he says and you don’t agree with them, you are supporting that hate.

   I was definitely raised to have the views I do, but I can see both sides. I will respect your opinion no matter what because everyone is entitled to their own views. You can be socially Democratic and economically Republican; I can understand why people would want their own money and don’t want it to be shared.  

   I hope politics get better in the future. I hope that people feel welcomed in America and feel like they can belong there and that they are wanted. I hope that there will be more programs set up to help people. Maybe more people will be able to see past racial profiling and prejudices.