Decoding Quickly


Quickly, one of the largest tapioca and milk tea shops in the world, has an expansive menu containing a plethora of different drinks for everyone. Here is an explanation on the variety of Asian-American beverages brewed at Quickly.

Quickly has become an increasingly popular place for the people of the world to get their boba tea fix. Quickly locations have been appearing throughout the North Bay in the past few years, with locations in Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, San Rafael, and a brand new location in Petaluma. Anyone who has set foot in a Quickly location likely has found themselves overwhelmed with the large menu, as there are over 250 items in most stores. Quickly is undoubtedly best known for its variety of milk tea flavors, different forms of boba (tapioca pearls), and other additives. There are several categories of drinks, making Quickly fit for anyone who is craving an appetizing drink.  Quickly employee, Nicole Pismaro, explained what she has noticed when new customers come in.

“Our menu is broken down into at least five or six different categories and we just have a ton of flavors. It seems overwhelming because there are over two-hundred options, but once customers get the breakdown of what each category is, they understand it,” said Pismaro.

Sophomore Sophia Obbagy, a frequent Quickly customer, stated her reasons for her frequent visits and encouraged others to visit a location.  

“Once you get over [the mysterious concept of boba] you’ll realize that they have really fun drinks. I know it sounds weird, but they’re fun to drink, they’re fun to have. They’re really cool and they’re super delicious,” said Obbagy.

Members of the journalism staff tried drinks from a variety of categories on the menu to help customers—new or expert—get a better sense of the menu.


To start, snow is the most similar item on the menu to a classic milk shake. This beverage comes in over twenty-five fruity or sweet flavors, with the exception of avocado, and is similar to the consistency of a smoothie. The customer’s selected flavor is blended with ice and a milk product. Slushes are virtually the same as snows, yet they do not contain any milk products.

Milk Tea

Like snow, milk tea, a Taiwanese tea-based drink, involves milk products. It is simply true to its name—milk tea. It is a sweet tea mixed with milk and can be served hot or over ice. Also referred to as bubble tea, milk tea is available in almost thirty different varieties. Milk tea is the possibly the trendiest and definitely the most popular item on the Quickly menu and is commonly ordered with any form of boba. Popular flavors include taro, Thai, and jasmine.

Flirty Milk

Flirty milk is yet another odd component of the Quickly menu. This amusingly named drink is a little thicker in texture than the milk tea, as it is made with whole milk,  and is quite sweet. This drink is made in fruity flavors like strawberry and banana, with more complex flavors like red bean and sesame offered as well.

Rose Tea

The strong rose taste in rose tea overpowers any assumptions customers may have regarding the concept of rose tea. It is a sweet beverage that can be combined with seven different additional syrup flavors that are mixed with rose. All rose teas contain edible rose petals to complete the powerful rose effect. Rose tea can be served hot or cold and with or without boba.

Flavored Tea

Similar to rose tea, flavored tea is simply what the name describes it as. Available in over twenty flavors, flavored tea is the most similar to the “average” tea most people may be familiar with. Though customers may request to sweeten it, flavored tea is not typically a sweet beverage.

Jelly Juice

Unlike the majority of other menu items, jelly juice is hardly what it sounds like. This gelatinous substance is served as a liquid, yet the several blocks of gelatin taking up the majority of the cup prove otherwise. It is very similar to  Jello, though it sits in a puddle of “juice” inside the cup. This beverage is available in seven different fruity flavors.

Ultimately, Quickly has a beverage for everybody; stop by the new downtown Petaluma location to view the menu in its entirety.