Review: Food Pho Thought

Pho Crazy

Walking into Pho Crazy, I found that the setup of the restaurant was structured in a way that made conversations over food feel comfortable, which matched well with its inviting ambiance. The service, I found, was welcoming and friendly and the waiters made sure to check on the tables, but not too much to disrupt conversations. The food came fairly quickly and the servings were generous. As someone who usually isn’t able to eat much, I was able to consume a considerable amount of the Pho and I savored every bite. I ordered my dish with sirloin, which totaled up to $10.25 –– a reasonable price for my meal. The broth was flavorful and piquant. I found there were too many rice noodles over broth, and it was hard to pick them up with my chopsticks, but they tasted delectable along with the broth and sirloin. Overall, my experience at Pho Crazy went very well as not only the food was savory, but the service was excellent as well.


Mai Vietnamese Cuisine

Walking into this very intimate and cozy restaurant, the establishment had a home-like ambiance. This pleasant atmosphere was ruined by the rude and unnecessary comments made by the owners. As a first-timer, the chicken pho was very delectable and was served with the classic sides of Thai basil, lime, chiles, and bean sprouts. There was just the right amount of shredded chicken for my liking; however, the meat to broth ratio was off, as there was too much broth collected at the end to finish with pleasure. The noodles included were just the right amount and offered a nice and subtle taste to contrast the flavorful broth which was almost a bit overpowering. The small bowl of chicken pho totaled up to be $12.55 which was slightly overpriced for the portion offered. Overall the pho was enjoyable but at the cost of distasteful service.


Pho Sonoma Vietnamese Cuisine

Ordering a large beef broth pho with a blend of both rare and well-done flank, as well as tripe, the dish was prepared in under 10 minutes and came out steaming hot with your traditional sides: bean sprouts, Thai basil, cilantro, jalapeños, and lime. Made with an abundance of different spices and sweet yellow onions, the beef broth was very hearty, but a bit heavy on the salt; however, the lime allowed me to lighten and balance the broth with acidity. Unlike other pho restaurants, the meat was brought to me in a separate plate from the broth and noodles, allowing me to cook the flank steak when I wanted it, preventing it from being dry from cooking in the hot broth for too long. The meat that was cooked however was extremely tender, and the tripe added an additional crunch to the otherwise soft texture of the noodles. With broth filled up to the rim, and a large serving of meat, this pho was both extremely filling, and delicious.


Simmer Vietnamese Kitchen

The restaurant is cozy with a buzz of conversation, and the large varieties of food are all delicious and affordable. Ranging from $10 to $12 per pho bowl, depending on size, as well as over 10 topping combinations, Simmer is the perfect place for a casual pho meal. On their menu, they describe their pho as “combination of rice noodle served with your choice of meats in a steaming hot bowl of beef or chicken broth.” The steak noodle pho was served quickly and looked delicious. The dish was nestled with noodles and topped with the meat, onions, and scallions. Fresh bean sprouts, basil, and lemon were also provided on the side. Overall, the tender noodles, juicy meat, and flavorful soup made the bowl a delicious and satisfying meal that I would recommend anyone to try.