A New Beginning

Megan Gauer, Reporter

After working at the school since 2001, vice principal Sharon Howell has resigned from her position and plans to stop working after the end of the school year. During her years on campus, she worked as a counselor and head counselor and has spent the last four years as vice principal. Before her years on campus, Howell received her teaching credential and taught a range of students from pre-kindergarten to junior college. She has worked primarily in education for her whole career. Though she does not have a specific job set up for herself, she plans to stay in public education, but shift to mentoring or coaching adults. Howell expresses her gratitude towards her coworkers, the students and her time on campus.

“I think I’ve learned as much from the people — the students and the staff — as I’ve given to the students in my capacity as a counselor or as my work as an administrator,” said Howell. “It has been a joy, and I have come to work every day with joy, but I am just ready for a change. I am ready to take everything that I have learned an that people have taught me here and apply it to new situations and I am looking forward to that, and it makes me sad and glad at the same time,” said Howell.

Photo by Megan Gauer
Sharon Howell