Civic Duties Start At School


Photo by Grace Yarrow

Lauren Doran, Reporter

The school’s populace is represented by the Associated Student Body (ASB). All of its members are enrolled in the school’s Leadership class. With a mission statement that declares they will “actively represent the opinions of the student body to the fullest extent of [their] ability,” those who make up the ASB Board are allocated executive powers and must be voted into office by the entirety of the student population. The election will take place on Mar. 15, and votes will be collected through an online poll distributed to every student’s school email. The ASB, also known as Executive Board, consists of six core members as well as the designated split vote.  This year Ava Isola and Holly Van Renselaar are running as co-presidents, Sadie Wray is running for Secretary, Aaron Junnila and Tess Shelton for Treasurer, Marcelly Marques for Public Relations, and Charlie Sabella for Commissioner of Events.