Review: “Captain Marvel” Builds Enthusiasm for Marvel Films

Review: Captain Marvel Builds Enthusiasm for Marvel Films

Nellely Azpeitia , Editor in Chief

As the first MCU film with a female protagonist, Captain Marvel caused a wave of mixed reactions and excitement. The casting of Brie Larson initially earned complaints from fans; however, her performance surpassed all expectations. The film takes place in the late ’80s where blockbusters remained popular and Guns N Roses were at the peak of their career. From the start, the plot itself is different and independent from most MCU films since it is the origin story of how the Avengers were inspired, all the other popular movies — Iron Man and Captain America — are a result from Captain Marvel so they come after. The story of Vers, later known to be Carol Danvers, begins in the alien planet of the Kree people where she is a warrior with an altered past. The Kree people are an advanced extraterrestrial species, the graphics for their high tech world is vibrant and captivating. Later in the movie, there are scenes where Carol flies and fights, they appear one hundred percent realistic, even when she speeds through space looking like a badass. The opponents of the Kree people, the Skrull, are green-skinned shapeshifters and despite their appearance, they do not resonate artificialness but rather amusement to the whole human created an alien concept.

Larson portrays the confusion of her muddled identity deriving from her present persona and her lost human pilot life on earth throughout the entire film effectively. It is her flaw as a hero, she has immense power and skills but there is an emptiness to her character. Although there is some flirting with her handsome military commander Yon Rogg in the beginning, he proves to be a condescending backstabbing liar that only envies Carol for her strength. But Captain Marvel has the power to shoot energy bursts from her hands and super strength, she did not need a love interest and the fact the writers did not include one made the movie far more impressive as many other films rely on the romantic aspect. This movie showed a strong independent flawed superhero and woman that overcame her oppressors. Her companion, Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson, accepts and realizes her strength which roots the idea of building a team to save the world. A woman inspired the most popular group of superheroes —the Avengers — which are mainly built by god-like men, who would have thought! Fury’s presence adds more wit to the duo and overall humor to the entire film, their friendship connects Captain Marvel to the modern Avengers that will unite in the highly anticipated movie next month: Avengers Endgame.

Captain Marvel did not disappoint, it further built the enthusiasm for MCU films: it portrayed an ordinary woman whose power was questioned by humans and aliens alike, and immediately destroyed with a simple energy blast from her fingertips.