The Array of Famous Alumni from Casa Grande

One will often hear names of renowned alumni who have once studied courses and taken exams in the classrooms that still stand today within the campus, such as Amy Gutierrez, Elijah Qualls, Josh Akognon, Jonny Gomes, etc. These particular alumni are representatives of the rich diversity and numerous talents amongst the student populace. Specialties ranging from sports journalism, to professional American football –– myriad of graduates with skills unlike any other are publicly recognized throughout mainstream media.

    Petaluma’s community of sports fans have most likely seen this alumnus on television, precisely on the NBC channel for the Bay Area. Esoterically known as Amy G., currently working for Comcast SportsNet Bay Area as a sideline reporter for the San Francisco Giants Amy Gutierrez, respectively attended La Tercera Elementary School, Kenilworth Junior High School, graduated from Casa Grande High School in 1991, and graduated from UC Davis with a bachelor’s in communications in 1995.

These famous alumni leave behind a legacy.”

Elijah Qualls is another name that resonates with the Petaluma community, having just graduated from Casa Grande in 2012. Qualls ran for over 1,800 yards and 23 scores in his final two years in high school. He went to play football at the University of Washington, where he had many successful seasons before deciding to forgo his senior year and enter the 2017 NFL Draft.

   Once in a while, familiar faces like those of Amy Gutierrez and Elijah Qualls make visits to campus. Spanish teacher Amy Hendricks speaks of her experiences knowing Qualls and seeing him back on campus.

    “Elijah as a student was a big personality in the classroom. He got along really well with all the other students. He was obviously a big presence, literally and from football, but he was a really nice kid, very respectful. And he did transfer a lot of the skills that he was learning on the football field into the classroom. He came back last year to visit and it was really fun to see him,” said Hendricks.

    These famous alumni leave behind their footprints as many current students explore their future career options. Senior Chase Moser has dreams of becoming a professional musician and spoke about his views on being considered a famous alumni.

     “I never really thought about being a famous alumni. All I do know is that I know what I want to do, and that’s to be a professional musician. Casa has helped me a lot with my development because it has a great music program. I think it’s cool that Casa has those people that have stand out talents or stand out personalities,” said Moser.

    The alumni from Casa, famous or not, represent the vast array of personalities and talents that graduate from the school. Their stories leave a legacy upon the campus for others to follow and be inspired by.