Review: “Rage 2”

The long tutorial of Rage 2 hid the game’s full potential filled with colorful power-ups, fun weapons, and varying enemies.

Review: Rage 2

Elizabeth Wang, Reporter

Rage 2 is a first-person shooter game set in a cliche of a world; an asteroid has destroyed the planet, and along with it, 80% of the population. You, the player, are the last remaining ranger trying to survive and eliminate violent gangs, and wild cyborgs before they eliminate you and the rest of the human race.

The first few hours of gameplay consisted of a tedious prologue with generic narrations, cut scenes, and boring battles against enemies. Only after straying away from the tutorial did Rage 2’s potential begin to show.  

The graphics and details of the world are different from any other apocalyptic game ever before. While parts of the landscape remain to be the traditional desolate brown, the saturated neon bursts of colors added life to the game, in particular during the combat: vivid explosions filled the screen, and neon lights flashed in players’ eyes corresponding to health.

These visual effects are most prominent when fighting enemies guarding hidden Arks. Scattered around the world, ark chests hide new combat abilities and weapons for players to unlock. However, to do so, the player has to defeat the “guardians” of these arks. Depending on the current skills and weapons the player possess, these monstrous cyborgs may be hard to defeat. One seemingly good tactic (found after many attempts, screams, and restarts) is to maneuver behind objects quickly, take advantage of the enemies’ buffer time, and then attack them.

Out of the many nanotrites to unlock, two, in particular, made the game far more enjoyable: the slam, and the shatter ability. Jumping from a ledge, players slam their fist into the ground, creating an impact that instantly deals damage and potentially kills enemies. The shatter ability,  particularly effective against armored opponents, flicks enemies into walls or over cliffs to ensure their death.

The weapons themselves, though more unique than typical shotguns and assault rifles, fall short to the power-up abilities. They are simply rocket launchers, loaded with darts, grenades, or electricity that have a neon afterglow to them. It is once you reach overdrive that these weapons are powerful. Once you accumulate enough kills with a gun, the gun powers up, and deals more damage, and shoots faster, allowing players to clear waves of enemies at a time.

It took a while to immerse myself into the game; the long tutorial and the constant run-ins and battles with gang lairs became quite repetitive. However, if you are willing to get past the tutorial, the amount of action, combat features, and weapons make Rage 2 a fantastic shooter game.   


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