Climate Action in Sonoma County

Nicholas Kassis, Reporter

    For many years, the Earth has been undergoing many changes from its oceans being polluted, land being deforested, and its atmosphere being altered. The Earth has had a great deal of restorations to conduct to itself, due to the demanding needs of humans. The results of overusing the resources provided by nature have become prevalent. An increase in global temperature, trash islands covering the ocean, forests being massacred. Change is needed to aid in the repair of the planet, and that is exactly what millions of people did.

    On September 20, the people of Sonoma County marched for change. A change in legislation, a change in opinions, a change in the climate crisis. Over 1000 people marched from the Santa Rosa Junior College to Downtown Santa Rosa, and over 2000 Sonoma County residents attended the rally in the Courthouse Square. Many organizations, such as Youth v. Apocalypse, attended and supported the march. The same organizations had stands promoting a variety of ways to help save the Earth.

    The speakers at the rally highlighted the major problems the Earth faces. Many of the speakers promoted the Green New Deal, a piece of legislation that promotes the use of reusable energy sources. The New Green Deal aims to extinguish the use of all fossil fuels in the United States. Climate speakers passionately spoke of the urgency of the Earth’s situation. Many referenced the Green New Deal as a solution; however, Casa Grande Junior, Wiliam Walsh, shared his opinion saying “I do think it’s a good idea to have different energy sources that are more powerful and effective, but the weight of the cost will be put on taxpayers; I don’t think that’s right.”

    Walsh brings up a viable point. Taxpayers will suffer if the Green New Deal where to be implemented; taxes would rise due to massive government spending. The estimated total cost of the radical legislation is $100 trillion. Is the Green New Deal necessary? Is that price worth paying? Senior, Abigail Western, shared her opinion on the matter.

    “Carbon emissions from our everyday activities are affecting the atmosphere, and the increase of carbon dioxide has caused ocean acidification, 200 species a day are going extinct, and the impact humans have on mother nature is overall negative.”

    Western isn’t wrong. The planet has been changing, and not for the best. Carbon emissions from fossil fuels have been estimated to be over 3 trillion metric tons by the end of the year, and the ocean’s current acidity is estimated to be eight on the pH scale. 

    In the end, both parties hold a validated point. Humans are affecting the Earth, but who is going to pay to help rebuild the Planet? Will taxpayers be forced to pay a carbon tax? And if not, who will? The activists at the Climate Rally made it clear that change is needed and that they need it now.