Chinese Officials Not Only Involved In Trade War


US and Chinese officials show signs of trade progress.

Nathan Bingham, Reporter

The United States and China have been engaged in a trade war for months due to new U.S. economic policies enacted underneath the Trump administration; a tension between the two nations has thus grown with a boiling point finally being reached. Despite discussions between economic officials from each country beginning to take place, The New York Times reported on the fifteenth that two Chinese officials were “secretly expelled” after entering a “sensitive” military compound in Virginia in September. Both diplomats were reportedly with their wives at the time and at least one was an intelligence officer using diplomatic cover. Officials from the Chinese Embassy complained about the expulsions of their citizens, noted the Times, with the base the Chinese diplomats entered housing some Special Operations forces within it.

In mid-October, the State Department released new regulations for Chinese diplomats when visiting the United States including a required notice before meeting with local or state officials and with educational or research institutions. The Times said the new regulations were already in the works but that “episodes like the one at the base [only] accelerate the rollout.” China has yet to respond to the new rules with a set of their own.

At least one of the Chinese officials, who were with their wives, was an intelligence officer operating under diplomatic cover.”

— Quote from The New York Times