The Easiest Quarantine Desserts


peanut butter cookies

Zoe Bell, reporter

If, like me, you have found yourself often aimlessly searching the kitchen during these days spent at home, these three quick desserts are perfect for satisfying that unknown craving at any time of the day. Keeping in mind that the grocery store isn’t the place to be right now, these treats take minimal ingredients that are likely to already be sitting in the pantry. With days feeling longer and our eyes growing more glued to screens, it doesn’t take much to bake a treat for yourself and others to enjoy.

For all the chocolate cake lovers, a shockingly quick, microwavable mug-cake is the answer to your sweet tooth. After a short Google search, Food Network’s five star “Chocolate Cake in a Mug” recipe led me to a short list of ingredients and instructions. Scrambling through my refrigerator and pantry to find the ingredients took about a total of five minutes, and only because I couldn’t find the baking powder. The recipe calls for: three tablespoons all-purpose flour, three tablespoons sugar, two tablespoons cocoa powder, one quarter teaspoon baking powder, a pinch of salt if its on hand, three tablespoons milk, three tablespoons vegetable oil, and optionally, a splash vanilla extract and some chocolate chips. After mixing the dry ingredients straight into the mug with a fork, the wet ingredients are then beat in as well along with chocolate chips. After about 20 seconds of mixing and a minute and a half of watching the microwave, my cake was ready- and it certainly didn’t look or smell alarming for something that was all too easy to make. While cooling was likely the longest part of the whole process, the cake turned out fluffy and delicious. After slicing some strawberries on top of the cake, I found that the dessert was even more dangerously rich and sweet for how simple it was.

Next, a treat I can remember from my childhood, peanut butter cookies. If you are anyone who loves peanut butter, these cookies are simply something you won’t be able to live without. Beating the mug cake’s recipe in simplicity, these peanut butter cookies from Barefeet in the Kitchen take only three ingredients for the bare minimum. After having gathered one cup of Skippy creamy peanut butter, one cup of sugar, one egg, and some vanilla extract for the sake of having it on hand; I preheated the oven to 350 degrees and put all the ingredients into a medium mixing bowl. After following the recipe to stir the mixture until smooth, the cookies were ready to be scooped out with a table spoon and pressed flat with a fork. The cookies baked for about 12 minutes and cooled within two before I tried one with my sister. Nodding to one another in satisfaction, they had been yet another pleasant baking success. The dough made a surprising amount of cookies, getting up to over two dozen, yet they were almost already all gone by the next day.

Finally, stepping up the baking game comes one of the easiest, yet most famous, French sweets: crêpes. For both the morning or evening, the light, thin pancake combines deliciously with strawberries, jam, Nutella, or whipped cream to make second servings irresistible. After prepping a 15 minutes recipe from, I got out a large mixing bowl and skillet. In the bowl I whisked together four eggs, one and a third cups milk, two tablespoons of melted butter, one cup of flour, two tablespoons sugar, and a half teaspoon of salt. Putting the mixture off to the side, the recipe required me to heat the skillet and butter it lightly so the crêpe could flip. Using a ladle, I poured just enough liquid that it touched the edges of the skillet in a thin layer. As soon as the edges turned golden I attempted to flip the crêpe, the first attempt resulting in a dilapidated fold. After getting the hang of it enough to brown both sides of the crêpe I immediately spread jam and Nutella all over one side of the pancake and neatly rolled it up. Biting into the dessert, the Nutella and jam were, obviously, the most prominent flavors; however, the simple, thin crêpe dough made all the difference in combining them into an impressive dessert. Not only is this recipe one of my favorites, but the ingredients make enough batter for multiple servings depending on the size of the crêpes; so, like me, you can forget the outside world with endless crêpes.

Even after making all three of these desserts there was still enough left of all the ingredients to continue being used. With quarantine upon us and boredom creeping into the days, there is no better way to regain some sanity than with these sweets that anyone can make.