Senior Leadership Student Ally Pomatto Looks To Her Bright Future!


Photo by Andrew Gotshall

Ally Pomatto announcing at the 2019 Homecoming Rally.

Charlie Sabella, Reporter

As Casa Senior Ally Pomatto wraps up her Senior year and closes the books for the last time as a gaucho, Pomatto reflects on all the good time’s Casa Grande has been able to bring her. After her freshman year at Petaluma High School, Pomatto was extra eager to start in a new environment and meet new people here at Casa.


With meeting new people and starting to get to know the campus, Pomatto felt like she had to get involved and contribute to our ever-changing school culture. Joining the ASB Student Government-Leadership Class at the start of her Junior year was a highlight that stood out when reflecting. 


“I just felt like leadership was the place to be, I have always loved planning school events and was happy to contribute whatever I could to our school” Pomatto mentions about her intentions of joining the class.


Despite her significant involvement with the school, the future looks slightly uncertain for Pomatto as she still awaits an admission decision from California State University Long Beach. She plans to attend Long Beach in the fall if given admission. If not, Pomatto will attend California State University Chico in the Honors Program. Either way, Pomatto has a bright future ahead. 


As she plans for the future, she looks back on all of the good times she has had as a Gaucho mentioning a couple of her favorite memories from high school, Both taking place her Junior year. She first said the 2019 Mr.GQ Rally. 


“I just loved how the contestants got so into it and wanted to perform in front of the whole student body so passionately, definitely not an every day here at Casa!” 


Not only the rallies but also Happy Week, which is a week of fun for the United Anglers hatchery program which is located on campus. Happy Week tests students’ skills in a survival simulation for a whole week. 


Pomatto mentioned, “There is nothing like Happy Week in the hatchery. For the rest of my life, I will remember what a week full of nothing but fun. A highlight of high school for sure!”


Ally wants to thank all of her amazing teachers and staff she has had over the last three years at Casa and could not have been so successful without the help of her amazing teachers and staff.


Pomatto pointed out that Mr. O’Brien, Mr.McSweeney, Eldean, Ms.Powaser, Ms. Kautsch, Ms. Alston, and Mr. Lochtan were all wonderful people to talk to and provided her with crucial skills she will use in the future. She is forever grateful for the opportunity to work with each one of you. 

Congratulations Ally!