Casa Senior Amber Almond Reflects On Her Time At Casa

Charlie Sabella, Reporter

Senior Amber Almond looks to the future as her Senior year comes to a close. After being team captain of our Volleyball and Swim team this year, along with President of the United Anglers Fish Hatchery on campus, she looks forward to how she will use the leadership positions she has had this year in her future. 


“I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to work with so many of my peers this year and will forever remember all the memories of the senior year,” said Almond. 


She impacted not only the school community, but all of the Petaluma schools, as she was an intern at Petaluma Educational Foundation. Her drive and determination to succeed on and off campus has helped her prepare for her future as she will be attending California State University, Long Beach, studying Communications. She is hoping to go into event planning and or communications after college. 


“I definitely have to say my senior project the Seniors vs. Juniors Volleyball game was one of my favorite memories while here at Casa. I was so glad I was able to put on such a fun and enjoyable experience for the school while raising money for a good cause!” Almond said. Her Senior Project took place on March 6th, 2020 in the Casa Gym. All the proceeds went to the Associated Student Body Fund for the Vincero Memorial, located just outside of the gym.


Almond wants to thank all of the teachers and staff that have helped her reach her full potential and move on to post-secondary education at CSU Long Beach. 


She mentioned, “I especially would like to thank Ms.Hendricks for spending extra time with me to understand how to pronounce and use Spanish effectively.” 


Also, Almond was especially grateful when expressing her thanks to her counselor Mr. Koene. “Mr. Koene has really helped me along the way these last four and have helped me be prepared for my college applications and make sure I fulfill all of the requirements to get there,” said Almond 


When asked what advice Almond would give to any incoming freshmen, she emphasizes.


“I would recommend to anyone have a balanced life. Whether that be with school, sports, family, friends, or beyond. A balanced life is the key to be successful throughout anyone’s high school experience.” 

Congratulations Amber!