Highlighting Seniors: Jared Humphreys


Fiona Gmeiner, Reporter

Senior Jared Humphreys has been a student in the drama department for four years. The department has performed countless plays, and recently they have included “Black Comedy,” “FIften Minute Hamlet,” “Murder Me Once,” and “The Real Inspector Hound,” their most recent play. The genre of these plays ranges from mystery, to comedy, to classic Shakespeare, and everything in between. Humphreys participated in the drama program for all of his high school career, and his dedication and talent has shown through in ten successful performances and countless classes and rehearsals full of hard work. In addition, Humphreys received two awards at the 2019 Drama Awards for our school. One award was for an Achievement in Play Writing, and the other was for an Achievement by a Male Actor.

As a freshman, Humphreys chose to take beginning acting after he was inspired to join the drama department while attending Casa’s open house while he was still in eighth grade. He went on to take intermediate and advanced drama after a positive experience his first year. During his early years in the drama department, he was inspired by former Casa Grande student Aidan Healy, who graduated with the class of 2018:

“He is just so fun, outgoing, confident, and hilarious,” said Humphreys about Healey.

Humphreys’s favorite performance to act in was our school’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous comedy “Twelfth Night.” He credits this work as his favorite because of his role as Duke Orsino; the character was extremely over dramatic, and Humphreys was able to wear fantastic costumes for the play. Humphreys also directed three plays over the course of his time on campus. His love for directing and drama inspired his choice to major in film in college. 

Outside of academics, drama has played an important role in shaping Humphreys’s character. From the supportive and family-like atmosphere in the department to the exciting performances, drama built confidence in Humphreys with himself and with introducing himself to new people and experiences.

For people considering joining the drama department, Humphreys recommends going for it:

“People in drama are really nice and they’ve been like a family to me,” said Humphreys. 

Humphreys shared a final piece of advice:

“Don’t ever be ashamed of being yourself, because you deserve the spotlight,” said Humphreys 

While Jared Humphreys is moving on from our school, he is progressing to new experiences. Though the next stage of his life will not be centered around drama, there is sure to be a little mixed in.