The Key (Club) to Sophia Easley

Elizabeth Wang, Reporter

Senior Sophia Easley first joined Key Club during her sophomore year and continued throughout the rest of her years at Casa. She held the position of co-secretary her Junior year, and Treasurer her Senior year. Some of her duties entailed keeping track of monthly volunteer hours and events, as well as where the funds were used for. 

Easley has always been passionate about helping the community, prompting her interest to first join the club. 

Easley said, “I have always been someone who loves volunteering and helping the community. I have been volunteering at Penngrove Elementary School for six years and I have more than 700 hours there. WhenI found Key Club I knew it was the right club for me because of all my volunteering and how much I loved it. Key Club taught me what it really means to be part of the community. Not only did I see the organizations that we donate to but I also see how much the Petaluma Kiwanis Group does for our club. It taught me that there are so many ways to help the community and people appreciate any help.” 

Filled with lots of moments, Easley recalls one of her favorite memories with the club. 

Easley said “My favorite memory was volunteering at the Sonoma Mountain Gala. I got to work with my friends and help others while still having fun and hanging out with one other. They gave us a nice meal and it was a lot more fun than I expected. I thought it would be professional and serious but it was so much fun to hear all the music.” 

For those who may be considering Key Club, Easily shares her thoughts and own experience when she first joined. 

Easley said, “M

Photo by Andrew

e and my friends actually joined the club together and eventually the officers of the club consisted mostly of my friends so we were able to work together and make the club something special to us. As for getting closer to the school community, I got to meet some great people and I am glad they joined our club.”

Easley is currently committed to Chico State.