Highlighting Seniors: Logan Moon

Sean Donlan, Reporter

Photo by Andrew

Senior Logan Moon started Cross Country and Track in middle school as an experiment. He never imagined that it would change his life. After running for four years and committing to Cal Poly SLO with hopes of making the Track and Cross country teams, Logan Moon reflects on how running has changed the way he approaches school and life in general. 

“Running allows me to set goals for myself that will challenge me to become a stronger person. I have learned that with proper preparation and hard work you can achieve whatever you put in front of you. Running may seem very simple but the complexities can include everything from diet to training, to sleep. This aspect of the sport has allowed me to implement these skills into my life off the track,” said Moon

Forming good habits however is only a small part of Moon’s tenure in cross country and track. 

“Running track and cross country has without a doubt enhanced my high school experience from my freshman year to my senior year. I have been able to form many memories that will last me a lifetime, and have even found my second family. Anywhere I go on campus I can find someone I have trained and complained alongside: from the burning hot practices of Cross Country to the almost swamp-like meets of Track,” said Moon

Although the Track season was cut short along with Logan hopes of being recruited by Cal Poly SLO he has set his sights on a new goal.

“As I prepare to leave high school and focus on my collegiate years at Cal Poly SLO, I have established a new goal of running competitively for their university’s track team. I did have aspirations of being recruited given my running abilities, unfortunately, due to the pandemic all sports were canceled and I have had to refocus my efforts towards attempting to earn a spot on their team. I have been able to start training months in advance to condition my body to be ready for college-level racing with the help of my teammates,” said Moon. 

Moon is currently committed to Cal Poly SLO.