Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Taking the Internet by storm, the overnight success Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a cute and vibrant take on the classic party game roulette.


Elizabeth Wang and Daniel Lubliner

Taking the Internet by storm, the overnight success Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a cute and vibrant take on the classic party game roulette. Players take on the form of a jelly bean character customizable with a wide range of hats and skins to choose from— a pineapple, a cactus, a feathered tail are only some of the many options. 

Accessible on both PC and Xbox, 60 players battle it out for the final crown in five elimination rounds. There are currently twenty-five levels sorted out into four categories: races, survival, team games, and finals. Here are some of the best levels in each category. 


  • Dizzy Heights: A classic starter game, this level effectively eliminates about ⅓ of players each time. With spinning plates and rolling balls blocking your way to the finish line, you must use your jumping and leaping skills to avoid falling off and restarting. This is one of the simpler yet more fun games as no matter how many times one falls off, one can simply run in hopes of catching up; a player cannot be eliminated early on. 
  • See-Saw: This is the hardest level by far as it not only tests your cooperation skills but your sheer will power and resilience to continue. Faced with a sea of see-saws, there is an unspoken mutual agreement amongst players to assemble at the see-saw’s tipping side to sway it upwards to advance forward. Yet, timing is vital in this level. The temptation to immediately dive onto the next platform is every players’ weakness. However, a single player jumping on may tip the entire see-saw and make you plummet into the void forcing you to restart. 
  • Tip Toe: As the name suggests, players are greeted with masked tiles — some that remain solid when stepped on, others that disappear. Players literally have to “tip-toe” their way to the finish line relying on luck and others to get to the end platform. The secret here is to be near the front, but not all the way. Until the second to last tile is revealed, you risk getting pushed off by other players to unveil the pathway. However, the moment that tile flashes, you must leap over everyone to guarantee yourself a spot in the finals. 


  • Block Party: Like the popular game show, “Hole-in-the Wall,” this level can get extremely stressful and intense. With the ability to grab onto other players and hold onto them, you can sabotage someone to miss the obstacles and get knocked off. Many players have discovered a cheat that involves climbing onto another player’s head and hopping onto the wall. Away from the crowd, you can leisurely watch other players clamor around you in attempts to pull you down or join you. 
  • Tail Tag: This game can be played as both a survival and a team game. Random players are selected and given a tail at the beginning of the round. Players with tails attempt to hold onto their tails for as long as possible, while players without a tail chase them to gain one. Whoever does not have a tail at the end is eliminated. A common tactic is hiding in between the spinning hammers so that players who dare to approach you get flung away. 

Team Games: 

  • Fall Ball: A fan-favorite, players are split into two teams and play what is essentially soccer. Inspired by the video game Rocket League, players must jump and dive to knock giant soccer balls or footballs into their opponent’s goals. Very rarely does a golden egg ball drop in the center; however, when it does, it counts as five points when scored. Teamwork is vital here, as players must take the initiative of either playing offense or defense, regardless of the excitement involved. 
  • Egg Scramble: Split into three teams, players rush into the center to collect eggs to place into their side of the map: regular eggs are worth one point, golden eggs are worth five. An effective strategy is to target the team with the least amount of eggs and prevent them from gaining more — by stealing their eggs, stopping team members from placing eggs into their section, or defending the other team’s eggs. This game’s objective is not to win but not to lose; only one team is eliminated.  


  • Fall Mountain: Another race to the end, a bobbing crown awaits the winner. Dashing past the many obstacles — the swinging doors with giant balls tumbling down, spinning hammers that threaten your victory, and the final jump that can force you to restart. With the crown moving up and down, a missed jump can cost you the win. You must time it perfectly to match up when the crown is lowered. 
  • Hex-A-Gone: A copy of the classic game TNT run from Minecraft, players are set on a multi-tiered platform trying to avoid falling into the pink slime. A method that is the most successful is not running on the tiles, but rather, jump on them instead. This effectively conserves space and allows you to remain on a layer much longer that you would have otherwise. However, beware, as players can try to cut you off, and you must plot out your next route underneath you as more and more tiles disappear. 

Fall Guys can be immensely frustrating at times, especially if you are playing without friends, as part of the fun is just watching your friends rage or scheming together to target another team. But nevertheless, it is an entertaining game to immerse yourself into and play for hours. While levels can get very repetitive, the new updates have promising new levels and skins coming out soon. The overall vibrant and childlike ambiance of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout brings a twist to classical party games and is an addicting and fun game for all.