Canceled Sports Practices

Sports practices have been canceled and the seasons delayed yet again due to COVID concerns: a party that occurred over Halloween weekend. 

Emma Di Coio, Reporter

Sports practices have been canceled and the seasons delayed yet again due to COVID concerns: a party that occurred over Halloween weekend. 

Freshman Gabriella Gotshall, a cross country runner, explains what the concerns were for sports teams and covid. 

Sports practices were pushed back this year to keep students and coaches safe, as well as to help stop the spread of Covid. After the first few months of school, it seemed like the situation was getting a little better, so people started letting sports teams practice, but with social distancing, taking temperatures, and masks etc. Recently there was also a high school party(I think), with Casa and Petaluma students that also stopped practices for another 2 weeks. I get notified through an app called XC Stats, and my personal email, where Coach Triola can send updates on when and how we can practice. Right now the XC team just started practice on Monday, with 2 practices a week and the team split into 3 groups coming to Casa at staggered times” said Gotshall.

Sophomore Claire Hong, a lacrosse player, comments on the cancelation of sports.

I was very disappointed that we may not be able to do lacrosse this year. Sports are one of the things that helps me calm my anxiety and I love being part of such a wonderful team,” said Hong.  

Many students were already disappointed by the delays of their sports seasons due to COVID, but the further cancellation of practices

Freshman Valerie Farr, a cross country runner, comments on the effects the cancelation has on athletes’ mental health.

The cancellation of school sports practices is a blow to our mental health just as much as our physical health. While we can still exercise on our own unofficially, it’s the social aspect that is the real loss here. There’s no chance for team bonding, especially between the freshmen and the upperclassmen, who don’t necessarily know each other that well,” said Farr.

For many students, sports practices allowed them to meet new people and created opportunities for social interactions during quarantine. Although sports practice during this time can be dangerous for spreading COVID,sports that had begun practices  could safely do so. 

 Gotshall explains her disappointment with the cancelation. 

I was really disappointed when I found out that a lot of teams weren’t going to have a season this year. Sports are a big part of many high schoolers’ lives, and is a main source of connecting with other people, staying active, and happiness. Without it, we miss out on a lot of memories, bonds with teammates, and the rush we get from playing our favorite sports,”  said Gotshall

Like many students who want to get back to school, many sports players are ready to get back on the field. 

Hong expresses her hope for the future. 

“It’ll be sad not to be able to play, but hopefully quarantine will be over soon. I can’t wait to start playing again and hopefully when we return when it is safe we can have another amazing season,”  said Hong.

Farr adds onto these thoughts.

“The practices also offered a reassurance that at least something related to school is normal right now, even with the health protocols and modified seasons,” said Farr. 

Gotshall also notes that, “Right now COVID cases are rising, and the future of this year’s sports doesn’t seem to be apparent. Just like other Casa athletes, I hope that some people in our community and county learn to wear a mask, avoid gatherings, and think about how choices affect everyone,” said Gotshall.     

With sports practices being canceled for a couple of weeks, many students are disheartened at not being able to get that social interaction practices provided, but with the current rise of COVID cases in our county it makes sense to cancel in case of more spreading. To avoid the dangers of spreading and keep students safe, sports have been postponed.