The Online “Freshman” Class

Every year, the Casa Revista helps welcome all of our new teaching staff to our school by interviewing them about their journey before joining the staff. This year we asked all of our new teachers a series of questions about themselves and what they expected it would be like to join the staff. Check out this story to see this year’s new teachers!

Charlie Sabella and Jojo Warren

Every year, the Casa Revista helps welcome all of our new teaching staff to our school by interviewing them about their journey before joining the staff. This year we asked all of our new teachers a series of questions about themselves and what they expected it would be like to join the staff. Here they are:      

Rebecca Bryne 

This is Bryne’s first year teaching after student teaching at La Tercera Elementary and recently graduating from Sonoma State with her teaching credential.  When asked why she wanted to join the staff, she wrote, “Once I saw there was an opening to become a Human Interaction teacher at Casa, I jumped on the opportunity. I had no idea that I was able to be a teacher at my old high school, and it’s been a dream come true. I loved going to high school here, and I couldn’t wait to be back at my old stomping grounds.” Looking forward, Bryne writes, “I’m definitely excited for what the future holds. I got my dream job, and I want to travel hopefully sometime soon post-covid. I’m hopeful I can finish off this year strong with my students (in-person and online). My plans are to be the best teacher I can be to my past, current, and future students here at Casa Grande!”

Meghan Haflich

Haflich teaches English 9 and International House English 11 & 12 this year. This is Haflich’s 3rd year teaching, and she previously taught at her alma mater, Granite Bay High School. She notes, “It was a really incredible experience getting to do my first two years of teaching at the place I knew as “home.” When asked what led Haflich to Casa, she said, “As I was researching tons of different schools here in Sonoma County, I didn’t find anything that felt quite like home… until I found Casa. The atmosphere just walking the campus and seeing the beautiful murals that show how “everyone has a place at the Big House” made me feel like I, too, had a place at the Big House.” Looking forward, Hatflich writes, “I hope to bring many things to Casa and become involved in Leadership in some capacity at Casa. I would love to bring Link Crew back and help support a positive school culture when it is so incredibly needed. I also hope to bring a Dance Program to Casa one day! I also plan to go back to school at Sonoma State in the near future for my Administrative Credential and a Master’s in Educational Leadership to find myself in another leadership role on campus possibly. Where I’ll go, who knows! But, I do know I’ll be around and supporting this community for as long as you’ll have me!”

Sean Kelsey

A History and Government/Econ teacher this year at Casa, Sean Kelsey joins the Casa Grande teaching staff as part of the Social Studies department. Kelsey has been teaching for over ten years and has taught at many different school environments, including public, private, and charter schools, along with traditional and alternative schools. Kelsey explains what drove him to want to teach at Casa, “I really admire the cluster programs and a large number of electives available to students,” Kelsey writes. In Kelsey’s future at Casa, he writes, “I’d like to add to the rich collection of electives at Casa and maybe help add more clusters at some point.”

Ryan Markey

Ryan Markey, joining Casa’s staff this year as a History and Physical Education teacher, returns to his stomping grounds after graduating from Casa in 2010. “This is my first year teaching at the high school level. I have spent the last twelve years teaching martial arts and self-defense here in Petaluma. I’ve also been an elementary school P.E. teacher and classroom aide for the Old Adobe Unified School District.” he writes about his journey to teaching at Casa this year.  When asked about what made Markey want to teach at Casa, he wrote, “I’ve always enjoyed working with people and seeing people light up with a spark of inspiration when trying new things. Being a Gaucho, it was only natural that I would be drawn to a position here, and I’m incredibly honored to be working with a staff that I look up to as some of the greatest educators around. My family, and many of my own teachers, constantly encouraged me to get involved in the community. I consider it a great privilege to be here teaching the next generation of Petalumans, and I hope you can take away something positive from my classes,” said Markey.

Jonathan Mazer 

This year, Jonathan Mazer joined our Casa teaching staff as our brand new Drama instructor for Beginning Acting along with Intermediate/Advanced Acting and additionally English 10. Mazer has been teaching full time for the last six years and part-time for the last fifteen years, he has taught in both public and charter schools in Northern California. He writes, “I feel like I have found my teaching home at Casa!”. Mazer was encouraged to come to Casa since “It’s reputation as a top area high school, and all the positive things I heard about the Casa community from colleagues,” said Mazer. Mazer also mentions when concluding that he hopes to teach at Casa for many years to come!

Elizabeth Monroe

English 9 and 10 teacher Elizabeth Monroe  has taught in Secondary Education for 19 years, this is her 16th year at Petaluma City Schools, but this is her first year here at Casa! “Friends of [Monroe] teach there, and there was a perfect opening for me,” said Monroe when asked about what drove her to teach at Casa. Monroe looks towards the future by “planning on teaching for a few more years, even though I am also researching and writing/publishing books on the History of California and running a non-profit Historical Society and website.”



Katie Pisciotta

The final new teacher interviewed was Katie Pisciotta, who teaches English 9 and English 11/12 in the HCP cluster. Pisciotta has been teaching for 8 years. Piscotta notes, “Prior to joining Casa’s staff, I taught and was a Dean at Lawndale High School in Southern California,” said Pisciotta. When being asked what drove her to join the Gaucho family she noted,“My husband and I moved to Sonoma County after he relocated for a new position in his company, Imperfect Foods. After interviewing for Casa, it truly felt like the right fit,” said Pisciotta. “My future plans include lots of family time and outdoor adventures. I have two little kids, Zac who is almost 3 and Hayley who is 2, so we are kept very busy at home. I’m looking forward to just enjoying this time while they are little and wild,” Pisciotta said.

We welcome you all to Casa Grande staff and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you here. We wish you all a safe year of online learning and can’t wait to see you back in classes face to face.