Sonoma County Moves to Orange Tier

Sonoma County Moves to Orange Tier

The last few months and weeks have been host to some uplifting changes regarding the COVID situation in Sonoma County. In March, the border from Tier 2 to 3 was crossed, meaning change was near. Many businesses, schools, and other public institutions were now going to be able to return to a forgotten sense of normality.

One of the main reasons for this distinct drop in cases and danger is California’s mass vaccine distribution. Health providers and pharmacies are administering vaccines at a record rate, as California distances itself as the most vaccinated state. Online ques and in person waiting lines are long and hard to get to because of the overwhelming demand for the vaccine. With teenagers now eligible and vaccines being received in record numbers, herd immunity seems possible.

Many businesses’ lights have been shut off, and free of clients for almost a year until now. Gyms in Sonoma County are back in operation, at 30% capacity. Restaurants are now accommodating limited indoor dining, and stores have higher capacities, resulting in smaller wait lines to enter. Most importantly, schools have welcomed students back to their desks.

Elementary schools in Sonoma County were the first to return, as their learning was of utmost priority. High Schools and Middle Schools have implemented hybrid schedules, assuring students a safe return to school. Although school will not return to its normality of early 2020, this couple month stretch will make the fall 2021 return that much easier.

Two students working in the restaurant industry, Senior Harlan Matthews and Senior Andrew Donlan, gave their thoughts on what these changes meant for them. 

“Right now we are operating at ⅓ capacity, so about 30%. It’s strange having people back indoors, but I enjoy the change,” said Donlan.

Donlan, who works in an assortment of jobs at Mary’s Pizza Shack, also said this about their new changes to dining.

“The biggest plus to the new plan is that some of my coworkers have returned, such as hosts and bussers who weren’t in demand when most orders came through online.”

This is a similar situation to the one Matthews was in at his job. 

“I was a busboy, and barely worked during the lockdown,” Matthews said.

This change has seen lots of workers return, whether its hosts at a restaurant or any employee at a gym.

Slowly but surely, the 30% will change to 50%, and someday 100% capacity will return. All Sonoma County residents should be excited about these changes, and about the improving health of our community.