Star Senior: Luke Baird

Luke Baird is a senior who has developed his skills in robotics over the years and hopes to continue his passion as a career.


Jake Dietlin, Reporter

Luke Baird is a senior who has the mind of an engineer and an innate fascination with the technology that surrounds him; he is constantly seeking more information regarding machinery, artificial intelligence, and electronics. Baird reflects on the origin of his interest.


“I’ve always wanted to know how things work, so I would always take things apart and attempt to reassemble whatever I was working with,” said Baird. He has put his passion for robotics and technology into work to create some incredible robots and structures, further his knowledge in the world of robotics, and teach others about robotics principles. Baird discovered the robotics class in the course catalog in his freshman year and has participated in the class for all four years of high school. During his freshman year, Baird and one of his classmates were assigned to build a self-standing structure that incorporated some form of robotic equipment.


“My first year, one of my classmates and I built a replica of the Eiffel Tower; we had to make some adjustments, such as removing the top to allow it to fit through the door, and we had a lot of fun building it. We also created a base out of a wheelchair and added remote controls so that it could be drivable,” said Baird.  


After his first year, Baird fell in love with the robotics classroom setting.


“I really liked all of the things we could build and the plethora of available tools,” said Baird.


Baird participated as a student the first year and took on an assistant role during his sophomore, junior, and senior years.


“During my sophomore and junior years, I became a TA for the class and helped with the robotic floats in the parade among other projects that the students were working on,” said Baird. 


Not only has Baird demonstrated his hard work in helping others and creating robots at school, but he continues his passion at home. He has constructed some neat robots, such as the one he calls “Spider-bot,” and has all kinds of tools to use in his projects. 


“I used my own 3D printer to create parts for Spider-bot. Spider-bot, which is a robot that moves around via remote control, is my 2021 project for robotics,” said Baird. Baird spends a lot of his time at home using his resources to learn more about technological principles and apply his knowledge to various projects that he works on in his free time. Not only is Baird interested in robotics, but he is also a fanatic for general technology. A couple of years ago, Baird installed some old, donated solar panels to power his own room and completely removed it from the grid. He shares the story behind his choice to go solar.


“We have chickens, and we got this solar-powered chicken coop door so that we wouldn’t have to go out and let the chickens out every morning. It had its own solar panel, battery, and solar controller to power the door. So, I wondered if I could do that for my room; I did a bunch of research and it turns out, yes, you can. Simply Solar had taken some old panels off of a building and I wanted to see if I could get them, and they donated them to me. So, I installed them into my own room and took it completely off of the grid,” said Baird.


Baird has used his time in high school to develop his knowledge in robotics and machinery. He is interested in pursuing a career in the field of robotics, so he plans to major in mechanical engineering and will be attending the Santa Rosa Junior College in the fall. At the SRJC, he hopes to find a robotics club and career pathway to continue to grow his knowledge in the world of artificial intelligence.