Club Guide 2021


Photo by Laur

MEChA students at club rush.

Sam Basich

This year’s club rush brought students sweeping in to finding a new interest or further pursue a prior interest. So many intriguing new clubs joined the scene and many clubs returned to Casa Grande after the off year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. With that being said, allow me to introduce you to this year’s clubs by telling you a little bit about what is done at the meetings for each club.


Basketball Club: Basketball Club is for all lovers of basketball, whether that’s playing or watching. Each month, there will be opportunities for playing basketball in the Casa gymnasium. 

Spikeball Club: Spikeball Club provides an opportunity for students to learn or continue playing the emerging sport of Spikeball. Play in big tournaments and make incredible friends, while also getting in some physical activity.

French Club: Whether you are taking French class, from a French background, or just interested in French, French Club provides a variety of fun activities for students. These activities include watching movies in French, eating French food, and listening to French music.

National honors society: National Honors Society is a Club for students who maintain a fairly high GPA, and would like to receive Club recognition for that. This club also helps students with study tips for big tests, and is a great addition to one’s college application.

Interact Club: Interact Club is a community service club that organizes and attends volunteer events to help students obtain service hours and help others. It is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Petaluma Valley.

Fantasy Football Club: Football season for our Gauchos as well as the NFL is in full swing. With this comes fantasy football. Draft a team, play competitively, and earn bragging rights against your friends.

Key Club: Key club is for students looking to be a community leader, with service hours and character building skills provided. The skills learned in key Club are skills that can last a lifetime.

Spanish Club: In Spanish Club, surround yourself with native and non native speakers and learn Spanish customs and traditions. Make traditional Spanish dishes, watch Spanish movies, read Spanish books, listen to music and appreciate the Spanish language.

Speech and Debate Club: Choose current event topics and debate other schools around the county in debate club. Gain speaking and confidence skills, as well as persuasion and conversation skills.

Academic Decathlon: In AcDec, take knowledge based tests and put your knowledge to the test against your friends and high schoolers around the state. Read different packets and answer questions.

Art Club: Learn and show your passion for art in the Art Club. Draw and doodle, learn about art that influences you, and work on big group projects with your peers.

Christian Club: Talk about your religion comfortably in Christian Club. Talk about God, listen to music and guest speakers, and read meaningful Bible verses.

Drama Club: Address your love for acting in the drama Club. Play improv games, watch clips of musicals and plays, learn how you can get into the acting field, as well as fundraise for the drama program.

Law and Justice Club: Looking to be a lawyer when you grow up? The law and  justice Club is the Club for you. Talk about current events, the criminal justice system and get a general idea for law topics

MEChA Club: Help the community and grow as a person in the MEChA Club. Learn how you can help the community as well as fundraise for others.

Tech Club: Interested in robots or technology? Then come and join the Tech Club and fix robots, build cool things, play with battle bots, and even work on designing floats for the Butter and Eggs day parade. 

United Nations Club: Hey future presidents, come and join the United Nations Club. Simulate what will happen in the world and learn how to fix world issues like if a war were to arise. 

Science Club: if you wanna know how to take care of yourself and others come join the Science Club. Discuss what is going on in health, listen to guest speakers, and learn about the different types of medicine.

Red Nose Club: want to help raise money for a great cause? Join the Red Nose Club. The red nose club helps raise money for children all over the world in poverty.

Big House Catering : Calling all food connoisseurs. Big House Catering is the club for you. Go to events around the county,  compete in a competition, and become the chefs of the future.

Black Student Union: BSU Club creates a safe environment for black youth at Casa Grande. They are extremely committed to community service, civically engaged, and hold a BSU bash every month which is tons of fun.

Anime Club: Want to watch and talk about the show you love? Come to the Anime Club and pick an episode, watch it, and review it. Also talk about the hottest comics.