SRJC hosts Jumpstart Kickoff


Photo by Leah Bjostad

SRJC’s Jumpstart Kickoff at Casa Grande during lunch.

Maya Bjostad and Leah Bjostad

On Wednesday Sept. 29 during lunch at Casa Grande, there was a meeting about the Santa Rosa Junior College Jumpstart program that was available for all Seniors. The meeting discussed the SRJC jumpstart program, as well as mentioning other programs, like 10,000 Degrees, that can help Seniors as they plan for their post-secondary education.

While at the meeting, there was a bright pink paper that everyone received which broke down important dates of meetings, deadlines for applications, and overall general information about SRJC. The paper also had a code that students could scan that would take them to more information and other resources. 

The informational meeting explained how to apply for SRJC and how students at Casa Grande are eligible to receive early admission and priority course registration at the junior college. Additionally, they mentioned the many benefits of SRJC including the wide variety of courses offered. 

With the start of a new school year and seniors thinking about their education after Casa Grande, SRJC provides a great opportunity for those considering community college or if they are still uncertain about their next steps. Furthermore, a perk of this program is that by the time a senior graduates high school, they will already be enrolled in their first semester courses through priority registration.

As there are many preparations ahead, they pinpoint the FAFSA/CA Dream Act, various application workshops, and multiple college events happening during the month of October. 

When springtime comes around, the program is offering a helping hand where Seniors are able to finalize schedules, discuss financial aid, and get priority registration. 

This junior college preparation program is a great way to start thinking about what lies ahead for a Casa Grande student in their senior year.