Guess The Wordle: An Online Word Game


All around Casa Grande High School, there has been a popular game that has risen in the past couple of weeks. What is the game you might ask? This word-seeking game is called Wordle and it has become a favorite not only in schools, but around the world. More than two million people have been playing. 

The game originally originated back in Oct. 2021. It was created by a man named Josh Wardle who wanted a simple game to pass time. It quickly became well liked and on Feb. 10th, it switched over to the New York Times. It is said that the game was sold for around one million dollars. This switch has caused some commotion causing people to say that Wordle has become way more challenging.

As far as how the game actually operates, Wordle is a free online game that allows people to tap into their creative mind skills. The game refreshes every 24 hours and allows for the opportunity to play again. You have a total of six attempts to guess five letter words. The game is played by selecting letters on your keyboard and submitting words to see what is correct and what is wrong. You win by guessing the exact word within the six tries.  

Photo Cred: Kelsey Ferrando

As far as the physical appearance of the game, the green tiles shown are the letters that are in the correct spot. The yellow tiles represent that there is a specific letter in the word, but in a different spot and the gray tiles are letters that are not in the word. 

All ages can enjoy the game of Wordle and students and teachers all around campus have been playing. Students have expressed their thoughts about why they love the game so much. 

“Wordle is really stressful and can be confusing sometimes, but when I get it right, it’s the best,” says Samantha Norton, a senior at Casa Grande.  

Wordle is changing the world and allowing people to take a few minutes out of every day to enjoy a unique, exciting, andchallenging word game that uses many thinking skills. The game has endless possibilities and has been growing around schools and in people’s daily lives.


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