Uncharted: Is It Worth The Hype?


I’ve heard a lot of things about the new movie Uncharted starring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlburg, and Sophia Ali. Some saying that it’s a great movie while some saying it doesn’t do the justice the video game deserves. So like many curious movie fanatics I got curious and bought tickets. Along with seven other friends, we headed to the theaters on Saturday to watch the action movie. 

Uncharted is the first movie created from new studio PlayStation Production, which is owned by the gaming company and is being used to create movie adaptations of its franchises into movies or tv shows. 

The movie is based on the company’s action-adventure story teller video games where you play as the main characters starring Nathan Drake and Sullivan “Sully” his mentor on a quest for a mysterious treasure. The game has been made into a game series following Nathan’s life as an adventurer including him meeting his later on wife on a quest in a race for a mysterious treasure in the second chapter. 

I thought that Uncharted was a well put together action movie, doing a good job having a strong storyline to where it didn’t lose the plot in the adventure along the way. The movies is based on a street smart young gentlemen named Nathan and a older man named Sullivan “Sully” who mentors him in treasure hunting as the team up with other treasure hunter Chloe to search for Magellan and his crews lost treasure of $5 billion dollars worth of gold along with the search for Nathan’s older brother who went missing priar. 

Without giving too much away I will say that it will have your mind running alongside the cast trying to figure out the next clue of the puzzle and who is with who. While watching you will want to jump into the screen and join the trio on an action packed adventure. After watching the film it makes me wonder what the video game is like and if I should try playing it. I would definitely say that this movie is worth watching in theaters for the experience, especially with the surround sound and crowd. It makes you feel as though you’re actually part of the game.