Latino Family Educational Summit at Sonoma State University


On April 16, the Latino Family Educational Summit took place at Sonoma State University, from nine am to two pm. The Latino Family Educational Summit is “a day filled with workshops for parents, high schoolers, middle schoolers, and allies.” The Sorority Lambda Theta Nu partnered with Sonoma State University on this event for the Latino Community. 

First, there was registration for students and parents. This took place in the student center on the third floor where the ballroom is located. For the parents, they had to give their name, phone number, etc. The sisters of Lambda Theta Nu helped out parents and students with their registration. Students were given a Sonoma State drawstring bag after registration.  For the students they had to fill out their names if they registered beforehand.

After that the Sorority sisters were welcoming the families into the ballroom. In the ballroom, there were breakfast burritos offered. Parents and students waited until the keynote speaker was introduced. Her name was Elizabeth Occugera, and she attended and graduated from Sonoma State. Her parents are from Cuba and Mexico. She gave her speech for an hour and the whole speech was presented in Spanish. 

[Photographer: Melissa Villalobos] Sonoma State Sorority Lambda Theta Nu presented to students and parents about Financial Aid options.
When Occugera finished her speech the parents and students were separated into workshops for parents, high school, and middle school students. For the parents they attended workshops focusing on the topics of scholarships and CalFresh. The Latino Service Providers representatives spoke to the students. For students, they were divided up into three groups of six. There were three workshops about mental health, tips on what to be aware about college life, and Financial Aid.

The mental health workshop was led by a Sonoma State Alumni who is also a social worker. She spoke about the stigmas about being a social worker and why she wanted to become a social worker and how she got there. She also talked about the reasons and challenges she faced as a Latina being a first generation college student. 

The tips on what to prepare for college were led by three sorority sisters. Before they began the slide show the students played an ice breaker of repeating each other’s name and a fun fact on what they like to do. After the icebreaker, the slide show was on the topics of scholarships, study tips for college, and how to meet people in college.

The Financial Aid workshop was led by four sorority sisters and they started off with a slide on each sister on what year they are, what they are majoring in, and a fun fact about them. Then the students were given a sheet of binder paper to answer the questions that were on the slideshow. The questions were:

“What is your name?”

”What do you want to pursue after college?”             

“What is a fun fact about yourself?”                                                        

At the end of the slideshow the students participated in a Kahoot.

[Photographer: Melissa Villalobos] The Latino Service Providers were present and sharing information on their services.
For the parents they participated in workshops and participated in a bingo which got very competitive!

At the end of the workshops, students and parents walked back to the ballroom. There was a resource fair and the students and parents were given a card to get 10 circles signed for a chance to win a raffle. There were different booths from 1000 degrees, Career Technical Education Foundation, TRIO, The Partnership, MCRP, CTE, Huminad Therapy and Education Services, Summer Search, Latino Service Providers, SSU EOP, and SSU School of Business and Economics.

The fair ended with lunch of Chicken Enchiladas, refried beans, and Mexican rice. While the students and parents were eating, the sisters of Lambda Theta Nu were calling out the names of people who won the raffle. Prizes were Sonoma State Merchandise, Gift Cards, and two tents provided by Latino Service Provider.